disable OneDrive: use Windows 10 without Cloud

Users who do not want to use the synchronization in the in-house cloud in Windows 10, can disable OneDrive. There are several ways. Read more here how to proceed!

When users the new Microsoft operating system Windows auto starting the in-house cloud is download 10. Who does not want or use only limited this service, can make various settings.

disable OneDrive

disable the startup of OneDrive

Compared to Windows 8.1, which was no startup entry and engagement in the registry was needed, it is relatively easy for Windows 10, turn off the autostart. So if you do not want the cloud service OneDrive always moves along when the computer can disable it with a few clicks. It does not matter whether you use Windows 10 using a local account or an account with Microsoft.There are two conditions but for the next one way works: It has an active Internet connection and is already registered with OneDrive and had activated the service.

  • First, the user in the system tray must make the OneDrive icon located. It is represented by a cloud, and is placed in the right corner. Is it not there to see it will probably hidden and can be visualized by the arrow.

OneDrive disable menu

  • By right-clicking on the cloud, a small menu appears. In this menu, the user selects the option settings.
  • Thus, a new window, where you can make various settings in the cloud, just disable among other OneDrive opens. This option can be found under the tab settings, where you should actually are.
  • Now just uncheck OneDrive Windows Logon start automatically.

OneDrive Disable Startup

Other ways to disable OneDrive

There is also the option to turn off the automatic synchronization of OneDrive between.

To disable this process from OneDrive, to go next exactly the same procedure as described above and opens the settings of OneDrive.In addition to the tab for the settings, there is a designated folder. This is clicked. Within this range, the user clicks now select folders on the button.

OneDrive disable synchronization

This opens a new window where all folders are displayed. Wherever synchronization should be turned off, remove the check mark. Now just click OK and the service is active without sync function.

Complete disabling Windows 10

In addition to the former method to disable OneDrive, you can also go a different route through Group Policy.

  • For this, the user opens the first step, the Run window on the Windows key + R. There, the command is entered gpedit.msc and started by clicking OK.

OneDrive disable Run window

  • Now the Editor Local Group Policy opens. The user navigates now as follows: Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - OneDrive
  • There, the user makes double-clicking using OneDrive prevent for data storage and activates this command.

OneDrive disable group policies

  • You can disable this way OneDrive, but also more active again. By restarting the computer, the setting is implemented.