What Call Rates: As much credit does a call

What Call Rates: As much credit does a call

These What Call Rates be valid! Our overview shows the most important countries with the corresponding Credit cost for calls to fixed line or mobile network. learn more here & free talk time!

By downloading the app calls Call What are financed abroad through advertising. Instead horrendous cost to take a phone call to Mumbai in purchase to users of the app only have to watch advertising, introduce friends or installing apps. For the effort, there are credits that can then be converted into free minutes for calls to 230 different countries. However, the amount of credits differs by country and type of connection.

Most Popular What call rates at a glance:

The countries currently most calls are made to the beat (at best) with the following Credit cost to book:

  • India: 140
  • Bangladesh: 280
  • Pakistan: 190
  • Nigeria: 750
  • Colombia: 250
  • Saudi Arabia: 1150
  • USA: 120
  • Kuwait: 590
  • Malaysia: 330
  • Nepal: 1050
  • Mexico: 280
  • United Arab Emirates: 1630
  • Brazil: 120
  • Russia: 110
  • Indonesia: 440
  • Germany: 240
  • Qatar: 1610
  • Egypt: 1080
  • Singapore: 290
  • Spain: 50

For more What Call Rates

Since there are several call What are tariffs for each of the countries 230 available, users should first check how many credits they have to sacrifice for the country and power per minute. The option is tucked under the menu item I and check fares option to find in the app. Here you can then optionally be searched via the free text search field the tariff or via the already listed destinations. Among the respective countries, the corresponding telephone provider and the respective prices per minute find.

What Call RatesThe What Call rates can be found here within the app.

Without Credit calls?

What Call also provides the ability to communicate without the use of credits with each other. In contrast to the “fee-based” calls but both callers need both the app and a reasonably fast and stable Internet connection. Similar to Skype or FaceTime calls can be made via the Internet – and that completely free as in the competition.

How to get credit?

Has the called Contact neither the app nor internet access, credit must be invested. Depending on the country and network users need have a whole stack of them to be able to make more than a split second calls. The app provides several ways to earn Credits:

  • Already the application with its own phone number and the confirmation of this can increase the account to a level of 1,000 credits.
  • The complete filling of the profile rinsed 300 credits on the account.
  • For watching commercials users receive 10 to 30 credits.
  • Who is willing to install one of the recommended apps can classify between 50 to 200 credits.
  • Really it is worthwhile to invite friends. For this 1000 credits are credited.
  • Under the point Completed tasks users can find various options that are worth 500 to 50,000 credits. For this, it is however not sufficient to install an app, but you must also register in this or do several tasks. The effort is paid in connection with a high payout of credits.
  • Under the option Tap & will install apps proposed applications that are not absolutely necessary, the installation is but worth 500-4000 credits.
  • Even regular Log worthwhile: 100 Credits’s for six consecutive days, each on the seventh 1000th