With the yaBeat download can download videos from YouTube as MP3 or MP4 and convenient offline hear and watch.

With the yaBeat Download the perfect library

The procedure to yaBeat for a download is simple. There are three possibilities:

  1. One searches (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) on a popular video platform the desired clip, copy the link and paste it into the text field on yaBeat.
  2. One gives the desired title in the search field and selects the hits the right result.
  3. You are browsing through by Toplists and download charts on yaBeat.

After you select the formats MP3 (audio file) or MP4 (video file) that you want and click on Download. The downloaded songs and videos can be found in the specified download folder and can be played from there or copied to mobile devices.

yaBeat downloadyaBeat: download MP3 & mp4

Tip: Those who want to download the firmware directly on a mobile device, the yaBeat app can download and conveniently manage their downloads from the mobile application out on the phone or tablet.

Convenient batch processing

With the yaBeat download several songs or videos can be set for a download to a queue. So you do not have to wait until the download is complete, to download the next track. This is especially handy if you want the same download multiple albums. The designation of the tracks is done automatically by the way. The bit rate is 128 kbit / s and is thus indeed very space and resources saving; but also the lowest quality. It would be nice if users have the option to 160 kbit / s or 192 kbit / s here.

Is to download YouTube actually legal?

Here About one can argue. Currently there are at least no cases in which action against users who download of legal platforms clips. However, it’s not because that this practice is legal, but rather in a legal gray zone that currently prevails. Here the concept of private copy plays an essential role. Thus are copies – including downloading songs or clips – allowed, provided they are used only in private, neither public nor commercial framework. A second key point for a legal copy that the original was not obvious created illegally. Generally it can be assumed that all the content that users find on YouTube, actually legally remain there. More specifically described the legal aspect of private copying again the video of the firm wbs:

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