With the Blood pressure data download capture patients and health-conscious their values ​​comfortably at the computer. The combination of winter and web app records systolic and diastolic pressure, to be precise, including additional measured pulse.

Blood pressure data download with many graphic evaluations

Optional detected blood pressure data, other vital information, such as the blood sugar level, body temperature or the weight of the user. Even the location of the measurement and possibly captured absorption and excretion of fluids takes the free app. Several measurements per day are no problem, right down to the minute new records extends the capacity of the medical assistant. Based on this thus created our figures determined blood pressure data graphical reports including graph and outputs it as a PDF from, which make it easier for both users and physicians to assess the values.

Blood pressure data downloadBlood pressure data download for the blood pressure measurement and analysis

synchronize data acquisition between all devices

Logically, the helper does not exist only as Win 8 / 10th of application, but also as an app for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and tablets on Windows 8 RT basis. In addition, the data collection can also be done in the browser and in the case of a free application offered synchronize between all devices. Vital values ​​thus recorded traveling with blood pressure data can be brought easily to the same state of affairs after returning home - very convenient and recommended.

Limitations of blood pressure data

The free version creates an evaluation per day.