For both Windows as well as Mac users, the iTunes Error 3194 occur. Fortunately, it can be resolved without much effort. Simply follow the instructions and continue to enjoy iTunes.

As digital movie and music collection have to be ordered and maintained, many lovers of the digital media using the management software iTunes from Apple. Even on Windows PCs, the program can be used for Windows after downloading from iTunes. The software is constantly evolving and it will come out updates that optimize iTunes continuously. In some cases, the software but also causes problems, in the form of the error message iTunes Error 3194, which indicates that iTunes is unable to communicate with Apple's servers.

iTunes Error 3194

remove iTunes error 3194

As a rule, the error message 3194 occurs only on iPhones with iTunes that want to upgrade to iOS 5 6 iOS or restore a backup. Often these iPhones also have a jailbreak. As a jailbreak really only means that in a host file entry was changed, the fault can be relatively easily resolved. This guide also helps laymen and beginners, to eliminate the error, so that iTunes can be used trouble-free.

The conditions

iTunes can be used with Windows, Mac OS and all mobile devices from Apple. Apple recommends this to use current versions, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS X 10.7.5 or better. In addition, 400 MB free hard disk space required and the fastest possible Internet connection.

Fix the error

Windows users should consider the following:

iTunes Error 3194 System321st step: First, the user must open and navigate to the folder Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E). There should now see the System32 folder one by one, drivers and then opened etc.

iTunes error 3194, etc.

Step 2: Now the hosts file is opened in that folder. The file can be opened by the user clicks the right mouse button on the icon and Open With ... and select Notepad.

iTunes Error 3194 hostsStep 3: The file is now open. Now the user is looking for the entry "" clears out and it. The file is saved and closed. The PC can now be restarted and the error is eliminated.

For Mac users the following applies:

1st step: First, the terminal is opened through programs and utilities. A new window will appear.

Step 2: In the terminal, the user is now following command: sudo nano / etc / hosts and then confirmed by pressing the Enter key. Possibly the master password must be entered. For the changes to be saved, + x operated by pressing Ctrl and the Mac must be restarted.

iTunes Error 3194 Mac