With the WinAmp Download the bedrock of free audio player downloads music, Internet radio, podcasts, movies, Internet TV and other streams on the PC lands. In addition to supporting a variety of formats WinAmp scores with a full-blown media library along with good sorting functions and iTunes for Windows Sync in both directions, managing external player Send visualizations and additional functions such as track information, CD Ripper & Burner, Converter to convert music and movies, and a browser.

WinAmp download and installation

After downloading WinAmp Full asks during installation from already, which functions should afterwards be available. If you look carefully here, you can configure the media player right from the start exactly according to their own taste. Can we do without advanced features, the Winamp installation can already make a significantly slimmer here. Alternatively, access the user to pre-installed profiles with different feature packages back, or make a separate package from the following functions together:

  • Multimedia Support: What type of media automatically opened with WinAmp
  • Winamp Media Library: Rip CDs, Format Converter, AutoTagger and more
  • Enhancements to the user interfaceGlobal shortcuts Modern Skins
  • Winamp plugin detection: Automatically open media files using Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Integration into the Windows Explorer context menu: Direct access to WinAmp functions via Explorer
  • Visualizations for visual accompaniment of musicGenerates animation to the music

are WinAmp download and installation done, the player interrogates various details on first launch. Here one adds, for example, media files to the library, which can be catch up later though. Tip: To avoid delays when importing activating bottom scan the check folder in the background. After confirming WinAmp would now like sparks first home, which can be prevented by clicking on Skip however.

Winamp audio and video player – it began as a pure MP3 Player

As WinAmp was offered in 1997 for the first time to download, he was still a paid slimmer MP3 Player. Today he not only plays many audio formats from, but also sees itself with streams movies and internet TV and is optically clear lush. In addition, WinAmp has indeed its own playlist format, but should also be understood with playlists from other programs. media player via WinAmp plugins can be also make it compatible with other formats.

WinAmp download

Integrated Format Support

WinAmp audio formats669, AAC, AIFF, AIFF, AMF, AU, AVR, CAF, CDA, FAR, FLAC, HTK, IFF, IT, ITZ, KAR, M4A, MAT, MDZ, MID, MIDI, MIZ, MOD, MP1 (Audio ), MP2 (Audio), MP3 (audio), MTM, NSA, NST, OGA, OGG, October, PAF, PTM, PVF, RAW, RF64, RMI, S3M, S3Z, SD2, SDS, SF, STM, STC, ULT, VLB, VOC, W64, WAV, WMA, VMP, XI, XM, XMZ, Audio CDs

WinAmp playlist formats: ASX, B4S, M3U, PLS M3U8m, WPL, XSPF

WinAmp video formats: ASF, AVI, FLV, M2V, MKV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, NSV, SWF, WEBM, WMV

Integrated media management, and more

The Manage Library Collectors their digital darling. Who has deposited after downloading WinAmp files from the hard drive or online media in the library to save the path on the hard drive and opens music and movies directly in the player &# 45; sorted according to various criteria:

  • Audio
  • video
  • Most Played
  • recently added
  • changed recently
  • recently played
  • Never played
  • With the highest rating

Next you here online services, podcasts and external devices accesses playlists, too. Practically: bookmark additionally facilitate navigation and per course is again heard as the music that ran last night. WinAmp Full import and also exported to request media databases in XML format, as used, for example, Apple’s iTunes media manager, enabling the transition from or to other music programs.

Plugins, visualizations, skins

After WinAmp download a number of popular plug-ins, visualizations and user interfaces on board already. The Web itself as countless Plugins for the extension of supported formats and features for free download. Visualizations expand musical enjoyment to visual pleasure, but use depending on demand and video resolution also neat to system resources – Notebook users beware! Who has enabled support for modern skins during installation can also adjust with really cool Themes / Skins visually to the own Gusto the player. But classic skins are quite willing visual variety. In addition, there are other WinAmp audio player here for free download.

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