Android umswitchen on an iPhone is not so easy, especially when it comes to messaging services. The WhatsApp chat history can not be so easily take for example. Of the Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer Download supports.

Although the account is transferred quickly from WhatsApp for Android on WhatsApp for iPhone - with the chat history that works but not as readily as backups are stored differently on both operating systems and are incompatible with each other. Here a supportive program is necessary. With the Transfer Tool Backup Trans you get his courses including attached media but is also posted on the iOS device. It works like this:

Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer Download

Backups make it compatible with the Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer Download

It is important first of all that iTunes 11.0 or later installed on the PC or Mac and WhatsApp already available on the iPhone and the account is already set up. Before starting the app on your iOS device must be closed, however.

  1. The software must be installed on the PC and executed.
  2. Then both smartphones are connected to both the old Android device as well as the new iPhone to the PC.
  3. May now appear on the Android device a message that must be confirmed with Back up my data - without the password? On the PC is clicked OK to continue.
  4. The program now shows all WhatsApp chat messages. Now the connected Android device from the list is selected on the left, and click on Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone - which is the second button from the left in the top bar. Optionally, the command can also perform file or by right-clicking on the Android device.
  5. Optionally, only individual chats can be transferred. For this you click in the list on the left to the device. Including now a list of contacts appears. Now click on the appropriate contact name and goes above before pressing the button Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone.
  6. Then the desired iPhone is selected in the list and confirmed. The backup will be transferred.

If the software can not read the news on their own, a local backup must be created only on the Android device, which is then transferred to the PC. Simply copy the WhatsApp folder on the PC. The folder with the backup is then transfer to the Android WhatsApp to iPhone Download the program to see Local Databases.

Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer Download chat history

Only one SIM Procedure: minimally different

Who has only a SIM card and wants to take away from the Android device on the iPhone - WhatsApp finally works via the telephone number - must proceed a little differently:

  1. keep SIM card in Android device. WhatsApp has to be installed.
  2. connect the device to the software and copy all the (desired) messages.
  3. Once that is done, insert the SIM card of the Android smartphone to the iPhone and there install the WhatsApp Messenger and verify.
  4. connect the iPhone with the software and transfer the backup.

The program is available for PC and for Mac. Both versions can be found in our download folder where there are more tools for telecommunications.

NoteIn the free trial only 20 messages can be transmitted.