Sony Ericsson PC Companion

Sony Ericsson PC Companion

equip downloading the Sony PC Companion Sony users their PC with a free all-inclusive administrator for their mobile phone, smartphone or tablet of the brand Sony (Ericsson) made.

Sony PC Companion Download – the all-rounder for Sony products

Nowadays almost everyone has all of his important personal information thanks to smart phones in his pocket. But what if the phone is stolen or gives up the ghost? Then from now on is the same all gone. To prevent exactly this fiasco, there are a number of useful programs to synchronize your phone and PC. Sony users exactly this one is a must: transfer files and manage media, synchronize addresses with the PC, secure SMS and send it from your PC or update the phone software – that is the Sony PC Companion download. Earlier, the sync professional way, was known as the Sony Ericsson Mobile Companion. The tool is compatible with virtually all Sony devices – from the latest Xperia model on tablets from Sony Ericsson to phones without Android operating system.

Sony PC Companion download

Three options for data exchange with the Sony PC Companion

First, the download of the Sony PC Companion on the big download button this page must be started. Then the tool can be installed on the respective exe file. Even the start of the Companions nothing stands in the way. All that’s missing is the connection between the home computer and the smartphone. To this end, Sony three different options for the connection to select. First, the cell phone can be connected to the PC in a classic ** ** via a USB cable. The Sync Manager automatically detects the device in a few moments. Besides the cable connection but the tool also allows the smartphone to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the PC. Once the PC has recognized the device, the helper can do its work. If there are difficulties in detecting the latest Sony helps sometimes simply to disconnect and build again.

Sony PC Companion download surface

Clarity when syncing Sony devices and PC

The mobile manager scores at the very start with a ** clear and easy to understand user interface **. Who so not familiar with synchronization tools, will have no problems here. Also as far as time-saving work, Sony has packed some features in the Companion: This allows users to create a list of favorites among other repetitive tasks. This is then available at any time with one click. Small drawback: When you first start each application invites the Sony Manager component from the web for, which is not always going really fast. For this installation to happiness is only once necessary.

Sony PC Companion download synchronization

Sync professional for Sony users a must-have One for all: Sony Ericsson PC Companion cares simply all concerns when it comes to Sony mobile phone, smartphone and tablet. Free, professional and easy to handle is the freeware definitely the right choice for owners of Sony Ericsson or Sony Mobile device.