WhatsApp ringtones: use own sound

WhatsApp ringtones: use own sound

Since then, mobile phones become socially acceptable and are also the average Joe user in use, it is common practice to adapt the ring tone as one would like it yourself. That has not changed with the smartphones. Today even let the WhatsApp ringtones to adjust. A few suggestions for brilliant tones – about about free Zedge app – as well as guides on how your going best, we get ready here.

Individual smartphone by WhatsApp ringtones

Even then, before the smartphone times, there was a veritable run on individual ringtones. At some point, you could even be the composer and help compose their own melodies of short or long keypress – of course in the then-standard mobile tooting. Shortly thereafter appeared Jamba and Co., who brought with her infamous Sparabos next pixelated images even sometime polyphonic ringtones to the device. And finally came the time of music file integration: The favorite song as a ringtone? Yes, please!

WhatsApp ringtonesYou seek individual WhatsApp ringtones and want to know how you can set this? Then read here. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

On the smartphone, which comes as a true multimedia device, it is to use a lightweight, all songs as sound. Who does not want to directly use a song that has worked with the Zedge app a huge selection of sounds for all situations and in all possible areas.

The currently best sounds for the Messenger

Zedge way, there is also a website. We have compiled a few notes here that allow your heroes are currently definitely in your friends and family. You can easily download and the links – if you sit at the PC – transferred to your smartphone. Or you attack straight from your phone toward it. Or you go the way of the free app. But once our proposals. Just click on the links:

  • Star Wars: The theme of the famous fairy tale space – so it might not take quite as long to Episode eighth
  • Darth Vader Imperial March: Nothing beats the theme of one of the greatest villains in film history.
  • Game of Thrones: Sweeten the wait for the new season – and evokes bad memories.
  • Kill Bill Whistle: The classic.
  • Perfect Strangers: The hit by Jonas Blue as iPhone ringtone conversion. Great!
  • Mockingjay – the mockingjay call from the tributes of Panem: Suitable wonderful as a message tone.

Change sounds in the Messenger: Not so hard

The WhatsApp ringer Setting itself is not that difficult – at least for an Android smartphone. And not only the notification can be changed, but also the sound with which make WhatsApp calls noticeable. iPhone users can more in the next section.

Android sounds are generally set that applies the system settings already for regular calls and notifications. It can be any user but also individually own, also previously downloaded tones for calls and notifications assign – directly through the Messenger:

  1. Opens to WhatsApp and is looking for you out the contact to whom you want and bring a personal tone.
  2. Opens the chat and typing the contact name (not the image).
  3. In profile you tap on the “My Alerts” and sits in the window top right the check mark. Now you can adjust the tones for messages and calls.
  4. including downloaded ringtones – as soon as you want to adjust a sound, a pop-up with all the options that you have open.

Note: Who want to use your WhatsApp the ringtones must be stored in the “Audio” folder on your device.

WhatsApp Ringtones AndroidOn the Android phone you can contact any one individual ringtones and notification dismissed. (Fig. Screenshots WhatsApp / Editorial)

A small detour on the iPhone

Unfortunately, the sound notifications can not be changed by their own sounds at WhatsApp for iPhone. However, the user a series is made different sounds available. Only can you own, at least in older versions of iOS, not add, because Apple only certain sound files allows. So you find the sounds that you have your choice:

  1. Opens WhatsApp and calls on the settings.
  2. Selects the item messages.
  3. Here you different ring tones are listed now that you can set your for messages, group messages and WhatsApp calls.

A special feature of iOS 10: Since iOS 10 call function in WhatsApp is integrated. The WhatsApp call ringtone is the ringtone that can be assigned to each contact on the iPhone. Here you can therefore also use individual sounds. It works like this:

  1. Opens the iPhone Contacts app and retrieves the contact whose ringtone do you want to customize.
  2. Tapping on Edit in the right corner of the screen.
  3. Selects a ringtone.
  4. the iPhone will restart.

You see, with Android to WhatsApp ringtones can be set as desired. iPhone users have at least iOS 10 calls for a possibility for individuality.