Ordnerrücken template

Ordnerrücken template

Who a Ordnerrücken template download examined should resort to this Excel template. The Office Template for labeling Ordnerrücken provides much flexibility and ease of use.

Ordnerrücken template download in Excel format

Who would have expected a Ordnerrücken template Word here will be surprised. Even MS Excel is ideal for spice up the folder back. The template for labeling folders comes in the format XLSX and MS Excel Version 2007 as well as cope with OpenOffice Calc.

Ordnerrücken template downloadOrdnerrücken template download in Excel format (image: T. mother)

The paperless office is slow in coming!

The long postulated paperless office just will not come. Continue to countless documents in the conventional paper-folders are stored, which are full to year and from year confusing. Since the contents of the folder changes often times, the caption of the folder back is almost always chaotic. Here, the file spine creates template Remedy: At a glance be seen what all is included in the folder.

Labeling of all Ordnerrücken variants

To keep track of the user should label the folder back meaningful. No matter whether it is narrow or wide folder. to folder Einsteckrückenschild and to folders with glued label label is that free Ordnerrücken template is quite good for labeling of all folders variants.

Tip: numbered folder with a serial number

The handling and labeling of directory submission proves to be quite simple: the user writes in the head region of the respective preamble of folder contents so as finance, car insurance or contracts. In addition, the author recommends to number each folder with a serial number so that comes at a glance clearly expressed, as the order on the shelf and where each folder should be. This also has that missing folders are easy to identify the advantage.

Ordnerrücken Template Download Folder ContentsFree template for labeling file spine (Picture: T. mother)

Ordnerrücken templates for wide and narrow folder

Several different folder back templates for wide and narrow folders are included. Simply select the desired spreadsheet below.
Depending on the template up to 13 sub-points with each other or rotated 90 degrees can be noted. All folder templates can be edited, so that they can be adapted to your own needs as you wish.

Direct labeling on adhesive labels

After the file spine templates are labeled individually, they are printed on an A4 sheet. It can be brought to paper four folders back to the general template and seven in the narrow template. Direct labeling on adhesive labels is useful. Those looking for more templates and forms for free download, find it in our well-stocked software catalog.