book2 English - German

book2 English – German

book2 English – German offers 100 spoken lessons in mp3. In these exercises, the freeware provides the learner with a basic vocabulary, as is common in daily life English speaking countries.

book2 English – German Download: Learning English via audio course

The learning principle of book2 English – German based on the Listening, repetition and memorization of words and phrases vorgesprochenen. Here, the vocabulary trainer covers the vocabulary of the Common European Framework levels A1 and A2 and there are no grammatical skills are required. Thus, the MP3 collection is suitable both for students and adults who want to brush up existing language skills already.

book2 English - German Download

Audio trainers are free for private use

The series book2 download a total of more than 50 courses as audio files in MP3 format for beginners and advanced. The audio trainer are available for home use and for public schools without registration free. There are courses to the widely used English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic available, as is rarely spoken languages ​​such as Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Afrikaans, Slovenian or Slovak. The aim of the project is, according to the Goethe-Verlag, to encourage the learning of foreign languages ​​and to increase understanding between people of different cultures.

Everyday situations on vacation, while shopping or at the hotel

In the 100 lessons of book2 the user learns short, frequently used phrases by heart, the to speak a foreign language in everyday life or holidays without error. Everything rotates around everyday situations, such as shopping, hotel or the restaurant, quickly and easily, the user is thus the most important sentences and phrases of a foreign language, from small talk getting to know the way to talks while shopping, at the doctor and on the bench. The major advantage of audio lessons is that you on the road, can learn, for example, while jogging or while driving.

book2 English - German lessons Download

Professional native speakers in book2 German – English at work

The 100 audio sequences of book2 English – German Download have a length of about two to three minutes each. Lesson 1 turns first to the people and the corresponding personal pronoun "I". "you". "we". "you" etc. as well as basic words such as "the child". "the man". "the woman" and "the family", whole sentences are then assembled like this "I’m here." or "My family is here.", All Words and phrases are first in German and then read in English, the latter returned from a man’s voice, followed by a woman’s voice. The two speakers articulate the words and phrases very professional and accentuated, so one can assume that they are English speakers. Additional programs for learning foreign languages ​​can also be found in our software offering.

Limitations of book2 English – German

Free for private use and for public schools.