Join TomTom: How does it work?

The Join TomTom is quick and easy. Whether the owner of a TomTom navigation devices use the MyDrive Connect (MyTomTom) Download or TomTom HOME download, registered users are several useful features available. This also applies to customers of TomTom sports and fitness equipment or a TomTom camera. We show step by step how the TomTom login works and what benefits it has after login. Read more here!

TomTom login: step by step

Those who want to register with TomTom, opens the login page and create a new TomTom account. The user clicks on the button Account create your own e-mail address specifies and selects his or her password from opening the TomTom logins. So this do not make any typos, adding the password twice.

Some personal information is still needed to complete the login TomTom: First, a click on the respective gender, then you share the login page first name and surname with and chooses his own country in a list. Who lives in Germany, will miss this entry in the list and will have to "germany" scroll.

Join TomTomJoin TomTom using only a few mouse clicks and data

When the hook in "Please keep me informed about news, software updates and the latest products and services" remains set, one can make ready to see regelmäßg TomTom advertising in the mailbox to get. Who would not like this, so this option turned off. Now a further click on "create Account" and register the TomTom is successfully completed. From then on, the user can log login page with his email address and password on the TomTom to directly use the online features of the TomTom login.

Quick access to the TomTom login to the management of MyDrive and MySports

First, the user lands after TomTom sign in his profile, where it can always change your personal data, so using a different user name, password, & Co. Address data and birth dates can be optionally added, but this is not absolutely necessary. Top right, the user sees his email address and next to the profile icon.

TomTom login profileTomTom profile with access to MyDrive and MySports

Clicking on it leads to an access to the following areas: account information, questions, repairs and My Orders. Who uses MyDrive can manage their routes and display traffic information at this point also. Users of MySports however, have the ability to access their workouts. The small shop icon leads to the shopping cart. If a zero is shown here, are no products in their shopping cart.

install new maps with MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME

For all kinds of questions the little help icon serves. This leads to the most common questions and problems related to TomTom devices. Thus, the user experiences at this point, such as updating the software works on your own navigation device, how to download with MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME cards and installed and how to make the model of your own navigation device in experience. Videos, tips from the community and user manuals are also provided at this location.

Other useful hints for owners of TomTom navigation devices:

  • Update TomTom maps - it's that easy!
  • TomTom voices - Alternative spokesman for Navi own
  • Update TomTom: map update for TomTom navigation systems