Willow app

Willow app

Where is the appearance of many dating services in the foreground, turns the Willow app the tables. Only those who answered a question of the other party, has the opportunity to see the full profile.

Willow app for eloquent Flirt Friends

On most dating providers the contact begins with a view of the image. Like what you see, it goes on to profile or to the first message. And sometimes just the is particularly difficult. Sometimes one can react to common interests, but in many cases is the first way a compliment to the look.

If it is to go to a quick meeting, which is not a problem, but if you want to get to know the other person and his thoughts world closer before the first date, it has often heavy. It does not always have to potential future partners go. The app also acts as a social media application to meeting new friends and interesting characters.

The makers of Willow took the first set on the concept and introduced a new way of getting to know.

Willow app

Each user can ask three questions that other users are displayed with the names and ages of the questioner. Similar to Tinder the selection is made after the wiping principle: If you want to not answer a question, they will disappear to the left. aroused the interest’ve formulation or topic, you can leave a response. So can quickly develop a conversation in which you can learn more about the others.

The communication followed by pictures

Was a question in the Willow app answer, the questioner can decide whether developed a conversation. Also can unlock your own profile and the pictures after the first contact.

As much as you stand on character and inner values, without any visual cues is hardly a meeting about. Since it may happen once that the most interesting interlocutor absolutely does not correspond to your own preferences. Unfortunately, a slight written slugfest also offers no guarantee of an interesting conversation during personal meeting.

Willow app Photos

Willow with Facebook and Apple

To create a profile in the dating app a Facebook account is required. Alternative registration options are currently not yet available.
Currently, only users of iOS devices can participate in the question-and-answer game. In addition, one should at least English dominate the approach because the application comes from the US and has not been translated for the German market.

Although the makers have announced a Willow Android application, but still called no concrete release date.