Battle vs. Chess

Battle vs. Chess

Of the Battle vs. Chess download builds a bridge between the ancient game of kings and the contemporary needs of modern PC gamer. The fights on the black and white checkered board sets the demo namely in great 3D fantasy graphics and fully animated form.

Battle vs. Chess Download with powerful chess computer

Yet behind the impressive facade of the optical chess program with the Fritz! Chess algorithm one of the most powerful chess computer with a maximum Elo value of 2750. This is expected to Battle vs. make chess even experienced chess players more than sufficient challenges. Battle vs. But chess is not limited to graphical polish of the classic game, but also brings in a playful aspect of fresh air on the board. Example Battlegrounds mode: Once a figure to be beaten, changes the checkerboard view in a battle mode that is somewhat reminiscent of Warcraft and Co.. The player then engages himself into the action and skin briskly on the opponent’s pieces one.

The automatism attacker beats opponents does not work here namely, and clumsy sword guide you in the end is their own figure go … more voltage promise two campaigns with 30 missions to be fulfilled. Finally brings Battle vs. Chess with a series of mini-games that turn out on closer inspection as chess problems of varying difficulty. the full version of a multiplayer mode as well as different scenarios, but to the player in the demo will be without Rounding out. Yet also this trial version of Battle vs. Chess a good insight into the performance of the program – and reminiscent of the Mines of Moria scenery is quite be described as eye candy.

Battle vs. Chess download

Limitations of Battle vs. Chess

In the demo, the choice of game modes is limited.