Those looking for a free editor video, is the Sensarea download happy. With the software, objects can be selected individually and alienate. Here are all tips & Tricks!

With this tool, personal data can be easily verpixeln from video clips or highlight relevant details. So video clips or screencasts by a series of After Effects upgraded or made anonymous - and then put on the web.

Sensarea download

After Sensarea Download alienate details from films

With the video tool to backgrounds or individual objects in videos can be selected easily and alienate followed by a variety of effects. Not frame by frame to be processed, but the tool does the effect of a predetermined area. The selection of the pixels is carried out through a mask that can be set using various tools such as brush or wand. Following you can choose from eleven different effects like cartoon or negatives, which can be combined also. The transparency and color values ​​can be - at least for selected filters - customized.

intuitive selection

With the Sensarea downloaded, users get to use an intuitive and free video editor on the computer. The way the program works is simple: To rework a clip, it must be opened in the program first. In the top of the screen frame by frame the video appears. By clicking to edit frame of the preview is shown in the main window. Here you can specify which part of the image to be distorted. Here can about different levels - select multiple objects - so-called layers. By clicking on the option tracking the software tries to follow the selected area over the predetermined period of the film. the selection on the frame view can be checked and corrected if necessary. At this point a caching of the project is recommended.

Sensarea Download Filter

numerous effects

Now can be selected under the tab effects for each fixed level an effect. The number of items included in the program appear with eleven rather low. However, this is deceptive because the individual effects can be adjusted individually. From the subtle correction to the complete alienation of the free video tool thus offers a wide range of machining variants and is very easy to use.