Browser muzzle

Browser muzzle

Of the Browser muzzle Download disabled Plapperdienste the Web browser. To this end, Anonymizer goes with all major browsers. Browser muzzle checks the settings related to all installed browsers privacy at startup.

Browser Download muzzle to protect privacy

Now take users for each browser the desired settings. The walk from transmitting the browser ID about saving form fields to transmission of the browsing history are a lot of interesting options available. Conversely, the muzzle activated some hidden options to protect privacy, such as anti-phishing filter & Co.

Browser muzzle Download

Flexible anonymity with full control

Clear, easy to understand, useful. Although browser muzzle bags on one or the other function vulnerability, but offers interesting information about the operation of browsers and also a flexible anonymization with full control. Test. By the way: Those who try to make corresponding detail settings themselves and want to modify only the browser ID, on the free helper browser anonymizer can draw.

Limitations of browser muzzle

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