Jardinains 2! Lite brings a breakout game with a retro look to your PC. In the freeware the player throws as usual with a paddle a wrecking ball against barriers. Unusual game element: Mad gnomes throwing the gamer also with flower pots. Jardinains 2! Lite takes place in principle as the video game classic from Atari. In one of four levels of difficulty, it is necessary to destroy all the blocks in each stage to advance to the next game level. Evil garden gnomes throwing flower pots at irregular intervals in the direction of the player to prevent him from progressing. If you shoot in Jardinains 2! Lite one of the garden gnomes from, so the pixel males tumbles down on the screen. Who again catapulted the or the dwarves with the bat in the air, gets extra points. Additional power-ups like Fireballs or laser gun loose on the game of free Arkanoid variant. Jardinains 2! Lite makes a classic video game idea for exciting entertainment on the computer. The breakout game concept undergoes a funny makeover by the small pixel garden gnomes. Graphically, however, the free game only plays in the league of block graphics.