AVS Audio Recorder

AVS Audio Recorder

With the AVS Audio Recorder Download can record audio signals from any input sources such as a microphone, web stream or an audio CD and record as audio files on their own hard drives. The freeware also contains several useful tools to clean and optimize own recordings.

Recording audio signals via AVS Audio Recorder Download

The user interface of the free audio recorder is kept as simple as clear. all settings are done quickly and easily and the recording device is operational. Prior checks in internal test function to determine whether the specified recording source is really present and functioning properly.

Date and time of recording to take in the filename

First, the user selects the input device, from which the sound to be recorded and determines the recording format. The output file format can vary depending on the audio codec and the number of channels. Also of importance is the desired file naming format. In this way, for example, the date and time the file was created can hold in the filename you with.

AVS Audio Recorder Download

Setting the volume level automatically or manually

The default recording format is MP3 and stereo. Those who want to influence the quality of the audio recording, among other things, sets the bit rate determined and reached the highest level near CD quality. Other settings to balance and volume are available in AVS Audio Recorder also available. The volume level can be selected either automatically or manually.

AVS Audio Recorder is an audio player on board

When all required parameters are set, the recording process can begin. Each time the button is pressed to start recording, start a new recording, during which indicates an indicator in the status area the recording level with the peaks. Once the recording is complete, it can be seen in the list of recorded files. File Info option displays the file name and path to the selected audio file, the file size and duration. Under audio characteristics of the audio file, such as number of channels, bit rate, sample rate, sample size and codec are available. With the built-in player, the recorded files can listen at any time.

AVS Audio Recorder Download File Info

rework shots with AVS Audio Editor and AVS Audio Converter

The recordings will be edited by clicking on the buttons editing and converting or converted to other audio formats. However, this additional installation of the shareware tools AVS Audio Editor and AVS Audio Converter from the same manufacturer is required. Who wants to rework his sound files, can re-install the programs at any time directly from the audio recorder out. Some other audio recorder, our software catalog for free download. record audio streams from the Internet AVS Audio Recorder Download provides a straightforward recording and storage of audio signals from various sources, whether they are audio streams from the Internet or their own voice recordings. The freeware supports popular audio formats like MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC and offers adjustable bit rates up to 320 Kbps. With the audio correction of the sound wizard can also be influenced by other frequency, number of channels, balance and volume.