In is the successor to the popular streaming site that is no longer available since the end of May, 2013. The new Movie2k download looks just like its predecessor and also provides a similar extensive repertoire of movies available as before The Movie2k download can also be reached at the addresses and

Unfortunately, the Movie2k download is not legal!

A warning first: The Movie2k download is also at the new address not be regarded as legal because it is copyrighted footage, which can be downloaded at no cost via links to external servers. Therefore, movie fans can become criminally liable when viewing the films. While the operators of the streaming platform claiming that the offer is legal because no films hosted on their own servers and is also no upload to other servers. Rather it were supposedly a pure movie-search engine, which simply provides information and links from other websites available on which the films are offered.

Movie2k downloadMovie2k download the latest movies (Picture: editorial)

There is a risk of expensive warnings

Certainly the mere browsing the movie offer from is not objectionable. However, once the user clicks on one of the external links and it is copyrighted material, he runs the risk of expensive warnings a. Therefore, we recommend the film to friends to use only reputable and legal video-on-demand services such as Netflix or max cathedrals, even if this incurred costs. These are usually much lower than expensive warnings by clever lawyers who send warning letters.

All movies A to Z

What has to offer the choice of films from everything? Who opens the page initially appears send summaries of the latest movies and the most popular films of the users of the streaming service. Practically, the A to Z Movies Overview, which lists all films alphabetically.

Movie2k Download A to ZAlphabetical overview of all films (Fig. Editors)

Search for an actor, director, year and genre

Anyone looking for a specific movie, can enter the title or a keyword or one year in the search box. An expanded search is available in the can also search for an actor, director, year of release, IMDb rating, country, language, and genre.

Movie2k Download SearchSearch by actor, director, year and genre (Picture: editorial)