Delete Preloaded Apps: Adios bloatware

Delete Preloaded Apps: Adios bloatware

Android devices, no matter which manufacturer, come with bloatware. Who delete pre-installed apps will usually have to intervene into the system. But there are easier ways to remove to remove annoying apps.

Several different ways there are apps that are shipped from the factory with the Android device rid of. We show three possible approaches with appropriate additional software. With this the free Debloater download that allows you to delete AND blocking apps.

delete pre-installed apps and retrieve performance

The Android operating system is used on devices from different manufacturers. However, most fit, whether HTC, LG and Samsung their devices with additional applications. Then useless programs like widgets for news, strange Messenger and managers or management apps on the phone land. they are almost never used – but it can also delete not easy.

The fact is annoying bloatware. Who they previously could not uninstall, it has flying around all over the menu – or at least packed into a extra- “bloatware folder” so they do not clutter up everything. Still, they are there.

delete pre-installed appsBloatware sucks and takes up space. But you can delete pre-installed apps – in a roundabout way. (Images. Editors)

So these apps eating through its mere existence disk space and performance of the Androids. Since these applications, strictly speaking, the smartphone only “bloat”, they are referred to as bloatware. Clear that many users they want to delete the unwanted pre-installed apps.

remove bloatware from Android – How It Works

Since the desire to remove bloatware, is shared by many users, there are different ways and tools to do just that already for some time.

Prerequisite for most of these applications are root privileges. If you are still clueless here learns in the article: “The Android rooten: With the right tool a breeze” how to do it. It should be pointed out once again that the rooting is not without risk:

  • The manufacturer’s warranty may expire.
  • The malware protection is no longer guaranteed under certain circumstances.
  • The device may become unusable.

Therefore, our recommendations are:

  1. Before the procedure, the system, users should necessarily make a backup.
  2. Who wants to delete pre-installed apps, should it proceed with caution. We need to avoid that applications will be removed, which contribute to the smooth functioning of the smartphone. Because it may happen that deleted apps remain cleared to factory settings after you reset an Android device.

Debloater deletes or blocks Apps

The Debloater is a relatively new way to make them disappear apps. The deletion is done via the computer. Who has root privileges, so can easily delete pre-installed apps.

But even without root privileges, the tool is useful. From KitKat 4.4 users can also take at least out of sight without these permissions apps. The software can disappear applications while also leave their work in the background. However, the apps are then still there – and the memory remains allocated.

Whether to use the tool with root or without, the following steps:

delete pre-installed apps DebloaterWith the Debloater and a rooted smartphone is superfluous applications can be removed.

  • On the Smartphone Developer options need to be unlocked by going in the settings under system to the device information and repeatedly tapping on the entry build number. The entry Developer options will then appear next to the device information in the settings.
  • Among these options, the user also takes the opportunity to enable the USB debugging mode. Still missing the appropriate driver, they should by downloading, for example, the ADB driver, be retrofitted.
  • Enabled USB debugging mode, connect only the smartphone to the PC and open the software.
    The tool now provides all installed applications is a list. The user simply selects from which he wants to get rid of.

Delete apps using Root Explorer

Savvy users who know exactly which apps you can delete risk are in good hands at the Root Explorer. The file manager app accesses system directories, which allows the deletion of apps.

delete pre-installed apps Root ExplorerEven the root Explorer helps remove.

The user starts the app and turns on the write access ( “Mount R / W”) a. Then he moves to the folder / system / app / in which all APK files are listed. To delete them pre-installed apps, the user types in a long time for the appropriate APK and then selects Delete.

delete pre-installed apps with Titanium Backup

After downloading the free app Titanium Backup superuser message is first confirmed. Once this is done, the user can already start with deleting. This process starts as follows:

  • From the menu, select Backup / Restore.
  • You will see a list of all the apps, system apps are shown in red.
  • By selecting the appropriate entry and click Uninstall the apps are removed. If required, a backup can also be created yet. Other Warnings need to be confirmed and the user could delete the preloaded apps.

only disable pre-installed apps: Without Root

Those who want to completely give up the root, so as not to shoot his cell phone, also can try to at least disable a part of it. as I said that they do not disappear, but it will at least no more updates are downloaded and the user data will be deleted. So that they no longer appear in the overview, you can also hide it.