EXIF Date Changer

EXIF Date Changer

With free EXIF Date Changer Download Edit amateur photographers subsequently the date and time of captured photos with EXIF ​​information. The freeware changes or deletes optional time marker.

Metadata of photographs change with the EXIF ​​Date Changer Download

EXIF Date Changer download supports photo enthusiasts when editing the metadata that is stored in image files. In the so-called EXIF ​​data modern digital cameras record additional information such as date and time format, focal length, ISO, aperture, shutter speed and camera type. The "Exchangeable Image File Format" is the standard format for storing metadata in digital images. The Exif data are recorded directly in photos of JPEG and TIFF in the header of the image file before the actual image information.

EXIF Date Changer Download

The EXIF ​​data indicate the geographic coordinates of the receptacle

Nearly every modern digital camera and any smartphone now supports this additional information to the recordings. Among other things, they are for the geotagging of importance. Each time it can be seen in this manner, when, where and with which camera technique and a snapshot is taken.

Comfortable editing of dates and times

If the Fotofreund determines when viewing the holiday that he has not adjusted the settings of the camera to the time zone or a recording date is missing, the EXIF ​​Date Changer is download the application in order to edit the date and time information in the EXIF ​​information to subsequently take. Useful is the option of using the freeware automatically add the recording date in multiple file names. In this way, you can sort the images collection easier by recording date in Windows Explorer.

EXIF Date Changer Download Rename

Insert own copyright with EXIF ​​Date Changer in pictures

The free EXIF ​​Date Changer overwrites the original user specified values ​​for date and time for individual images or photo collections in complete folders. In the tab "Time Difference" is added, optionally, the dates of days, hours, minutes and seconds in relation to the original date or sets itself a new time indication determined. In addition, any names can insert a copyright and tags to describe the image for the viewer closer. In the paid Pro version, the image selection can further limit with filters such as the camera and date limits used. Also, the free version of the EXIF ​​Date Changer supports only JPG photos. More photo tools are available for free download in our software offering. Editing Recorded at will