Clipfish app

Clipfish app

Movies, series, anime and Co. in the stream – and that too legally and for free: Believe it or not, but even that is possible today. The Clipfish app brings you a fairly comprehensive program directly to your smartphone or tablet. And below are also quite a few pearls.

Clipfish appFree and legal movies and series or anime and shows streaming? Works with the Clipfish app also mobile. (Image: Screenshot Clipfish / Editorial)

Streaming mobile, legally and for free with the app Clipfish

Films and series are consumed more and more about streaming. Finally, you get on the Internet in most cases exactly what you’re looking for – and imaginable at any time. The wait for the new episode of your favorite series so today. And we no longer have to laboriously rent at the video store or wait until the TV broadcasting and large blockbuster. Instead, we can simply look for it online and get the content you want in seconds purposed.

However, it is a problem: Most streaming portals operate in a legal gray area: they provide links to external streaming sides that provide films and TV series illegally. Because the rights to broadcast do not have this uploader, as a rule. As a user of such offers you is not quite as illegal because it only downloaded the content and not uploads (if not exactly worked with torrents). Still, there are more and more lawyers who specialize in such cases and have also been warned few users.

Clipfish app feature filmsOver 1,000 feature films can be found on Clipfish. (Image: Screenshot Clipfish)

There is also on such sites is always a high risk of catching malware like viruses, Trojans, as it is often redirected to dubious sites that want nothing good for the user surely.

So you can either play it safe by taking advantage of fee-based services like Netflix or max cathedrals – or even look around on Clipfish. The advantage: This service is completely free. Your only need a user account – you can even sign up via Facebook. And now you can stream movies and series in a safe and quite legally. With the Clipfish app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 goes even on the go – or if your lying in bed and the PC is so far away again.

Great choice – only no new blockbuster

Of course, you should not expect to be able to stream the latest movies. Nevertheless, the film section offers a selection of around 1,000 films, among them some so are some gems. The offer also changes regularly. Boring’s not with the strips from the genres action, comedy or horror so. And every now and then it also create so right film highlights in the selection.

certainly not a Game of Thrones cross paths – even when the series is you – at least to date. But who wants to move away from the hype series and even discover underdog pearls as well as to new things is open and felt a warm retro showers at Old will find it here. You have the choice between classics such as Xanadu, crazy stuff like the Trailer Park Boys or different cult Comikklassikern.

Clipfish App SeriesAnd also thanks to the series and anime choice, it is certainly not boring so quickly. (Image: Screenshot Clipfish)

But especially anime fans get their money. From Elfen Lied about Naruto and full to Yu-Gi-Oh! or the classic Mila Superstar is the selection of genres huge. Just as for the old classics, so probably some 80s- and 90s-Kids come the tears of joy in his eyes.

Who is a fan of the current RTL shows, but does not necessarily see the complete broadcasting again, can via Clipfish app and the network simply watch the highlights – and then the next day still have a say in the office or school. And comedy fans will find quite a few delicacies.

Like them specific videos, you can save it in your favorites so you always access to it.

is practically that your app with Google Chromecast can be used. Say: Streams your movies and series but easy on your smart TV.

The project is financed by the way with advertising. So with one or another advertising Einspieler you have to expect. But we also are already accustomed YouTube now.