There is the Lost Stream on Netflix & Co.?

There is the Lost Stream on Netflix & Co.?

Of the Lost stream Watch and see the mysterious, award-winning mystery series again online: We tell you where it is to see online the fascinating US television series that deals with the survivors of a plane crash and its consequences on an island in the Pacific, and whether Lost on Netflix is ​​available with the Netflix app or Amazon Prime in the movie flat rates. More on this below!

Lost Stream with many exciting mysteries

Lost was showered with numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and eight Emmys. For the first time the series was seen in September 2004 on the US network ABC and ended with the Lost Season 6 in the US in May 2010. Various aspects of the plot are skillfully brought only gradually with each other. Set great store by the producers to the secrecy of the mysteries in the series, to as long as possible to maintain the tension.

Lost streamWhere is the Lost Stream and the mysterious mystery series with all six seasons?

48 survivors after a plane crash on an island

In the Lost Season 1 48 survivors reached in a plane crash on a seemingly deserted island and must fight together to survive. Soon, intrigue and hostility coming on in the group. For additional voltage so many secrets and dangers care on the island.

Lost in the German pay-TV to Premiere and FOX

In Germany, the Lost Season 1 from October 2004 onwards ran in the pay-TV channel Premiere, as well as the Lost Season 2 March to September 2006. The Lost Season 3 was shown on Premiere Series from March 2007, the Lost Season 4 from June 2008 in FOX channel. Because FOX has been integrated into the Premiere program offering, Lost Season 5 returned in April 2009 back to Premiere. The final Lost Season 6 was followed in this country in March of 2010.

Many Lost puzzles remain unsolved even after the final

In German Free-TV ProSieben secured the rights to broadcast the mystery series. However, the ratings fell from season to season, so that the series switched to cable one from the Lost Season 5th Lost in Switzerland ran the transmitter SF two, in Austria at ATV. Critics complained that the puzzles raised by the series are usually not resolved sensibly and the writers tended to hair-raising twists construction. Even the great Lost finale disappointed many fans, there still remained open too many questions.

Lost stream Amazon Video, max cathedrals and iTunes

Lost is one of the series that you have to see at least twice to process them properly and to classify. Who would therefore penetrate the mysteries on Lost again, concerned at the Lost stream Amazon Video, max cathedrals or iTunes. Here, all six seasons with costs available for retrieval.

Many fans of the hit series wonder: Is there Lost on Netflix? The answer is: Unfortunately not. Lost episodes Netflix was until February 2016 available with all 121, but has since been removed from the range of film and series flat rate.