Of the Google Maps Downloader created a large map of material from Google Maps. The user simply setting the desired coordinates of the shareware. Then it generates a large map section in BMP format.

Google Maps Downloader: Map generator for Google Maps

The operation of Google Maps Downloader is very simple: All you need are longitude and latitude information, which makes the card downloader. In addition, it sets the zoom level. Google Maps Downloader starts up to eight download operations simultaneously. A large map can be necessary, for example, for route planning.

Google Maps DownloaderGoogle Maps Downloader as a clever map generator and -downloader for Google Maps

Google Maps Downloader created this after entering a site in the shortest possible time and prepares them for printing. Unfortunately, the shareware supports only the BMP format. For this, the downloader comes with an additional tool called Maps Combiner, which tinkers a single card from the individual images.

Limitations of Google Maps Downloader

Zoom in the demo only to level. 13