Copy files faster with copy program Freeware

Who Copy files faster want or places great emphasis on additional copy features associated with the TeraCopy download and other free tools such as supercopier or Ultracopier the appropriate copy program. We show below the best and fastest tools for copying files!

Copy files faster with the freeware TeraCopy

copy the Windows built-in function for files has been improved over the years. However, it takes a while to changes in Microsoft operating systems find their way. So the opportunity was installed, for example, only in Windows 8 to pause copying files by pressing a button. A function to sort the copy order or a cruise control are still missing.

Copy files fasterCopy files faster with the small freeware utility TeraCopy.

TeraCopy a popular freeware copy program

As so often provide freeware authors for remedial and connect with their small Free tools annoying holes in Windows. One of the most popular and long-established representative as freeware copy program is certainly TeraCopy. This small freeware utility boosting copy operations in Windows, integrates fully into the Windows shell and allows pausing copies.

Stop copying with TeraCopy

TeraCopy replaces wish the Windows copy dialog and automatically log on when you copy and paste files and folders. Practically, the pausing and resuming of copies, the queue list for pending copy jobs and that no abort the copy case of errors is shown. TeraCopy also saves time properly during file transfer, providing some function that Windows lacks. The program is released for non-commercial use. The only restriction: If you want to copy files that are in use, has to resort to the paid Pro version of TeraCopy.

Copy files faster with supercopier and Ultracopier

Meanwhile, in addition to various other representatives TeraCopy we have added for faster file copying. So the supercopier downloading and Ultracopier Download as copy programs are very popular for some time. Both tools work seamlessly with Windows and automatically log in to the pressing the copy function to speak.

Copy pause and adjust the number of concurrent copy operations.

The free copying tools provide faster copying, and Ultracopier has some more options on board. So Ultracopier offers the possibility to enter an alternative file name for the destination file while the faster copying files. In addition, copying can pause, sort the copy order and set the number of concurrent copy operations.

Copy files faster UltracopierWith Ultracopier pause copy or sort the copy order.

Depending on the device, such as an external hard drive, memory stick, etc., can also make sure to change the buffer size for copying that copying something is faster. The handling is easy to understand for all copy tools. After uninstalling the original Windows copying function automatically reinstated as standard.