Whatsapp images on SD card to save space and create

Whatsapp images on SD Card: How to change the location of the received photos and find them again afterwards. Here are the instructions step by step for your perusal!

However, the option is only available after downloading the images by WhatsApp for Android on the memory of the device. An automatic save the photos on a memory card is currently only possible with rooted devices. Also, Apple users have to make do with the built-in memory, because the iPhone does not support SD cards.

Whatsapp move images to SD: How to

These steps must be performed:

  1. First, the gallery and here the WhatsApp folder must be opened. (Here you can find all the pictures that you have received through the messenger.)
  2. Now open the menu (behind the three dots) and select the option Move.
  3. Following the images can be selected by tapping to be moved to the SD.
  4. If you want to save images to SD all Whatsapp, you can put a check mark in the box for Select All.
  5. In the bottom of the screen moving again the option appears - to Choose this - different albums in the selection can be moved.
  6. To select the SD card as storage, to be selected at this point in the folder with the plus (in the upper right corner of the display). Here both a new album is created as used to switch between the internal memory and the memory card.
  7. Now only press Save and the selected Whatsapp images on the SD Card.

Whatsapp images on SDWhatsapp Images can be moved after download to SD card. (Screenshot: Editorial.)

Thanks to a Roots automatically store images on SD WhatsApp

But who owns a gerootetes device can specify as the location for WhatsApp images directly to SD card. The app FolderMout, can be moved with the both apps also various data to the memory card helps. However, the tool is to be treated with caution: Some users disappeared data or they could not restart your device after installation. Especially among Android Nougat it has come increasingly to problems with the app. therefore we do not at this point by downloading the app.

Incidentally, WhatsApp works with their own information already in mind to run the Messenger on the SD Card. On the website states: We are working to improve our app size and memory usage. There are technical hurdles that do not allow us to store our application on an SD card.

Whatsapp images on SD soon possible?Can WhatsApp be used by the SD card out soon? (Picture: WhatsApp)

When that will be the case and whether the function is ever built, is - though not in sight - in terms of getting new formatting options and emoji offered by the Messenger almost daily.