Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

With the Kaspersky Internet Security Download the new edition of the flagship comes from the Kaspersky family on the computer. The comprehensive safety package takes off and all incoming traffic under the microscope and makes use of cloud technology.

Protection against Web threats with Kaspersky Internet Security Download

In this cloud Kaspersky Internet Security deposited the most current information on threats from the network, stop here also and above all the experience of the user feed. Thus, the security specialist on the basis of reports from around the world identified pests much faster than would be possible only with traditional antivirus databases. New on board is an improved protection against so-called ransomware, which takes over the computer, makes for its user unusable and released again only after a ransom payment. Hotkey to circumnavigate this lock. Also detects and eliminates Kaspersky Internet Security this Kaperprogramme effective.

Kaspersky Internet Security Download

Module for secure payments

Also expanded the module for secure payment transactions presented. If it is activated, because you want to make just important banking, Kaspersky Internet Security prevents the parallel start as unsafe classified programs. Kaspersky Internet Security supports the mode of limited activity. This will come into force as soon as the PC is switched to the connection standby and keeps tasks such as investigation and update temporarily attached. If the computer is fully reactivated, the virus protectors sets these actions away again. Not only well-known invaders such as viruses, Trojans or malicious rootkits caught in the dense network of security suite, but also fraudulent websites. Thus, Kaspersky Internet Security provides effective protection against phishing attempts that can draw immense financial damage to yourself, especially when online shopping and banking through password theft.

block certain websites at your fingertips

Who wants to be the safest bet when entering his access, uses a virtual keyboard that will slow secretly penetrated keylogger. Not only that, Kaspersky Internet Security also performs the PC activities of young talent under the microscope and this restrict on parent request. Depending on the selected settings, for example, certain websites can be blocked, and restrict the use of social networks or chat or instant messenger clients, individual contacts can even be excluded. For more antivirus software from other manufacturers users to free download our software offering. And if, nevertheless, once lost a virus on the PC and cause damage there, the roll-back function will get the machine back in order.

Limitations of Kaspersky Internet Security

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