at Badoo login and great new people in the immediate area to meet. We tell you how you can safely log in to the dating portal and protects personal information.

The single market has been around since 2006 and is growing in popularity. More than 100 million users try after downloading the Badoo app or to get hold of on the website of the service a hot date. Who wants to get involved, must register first. For this, different variants. However, advance should be given to what is chosen.

Create an account & Log on Badoo

Before you can losgeflirtet and chatting, first, an account must be created. The dating service offers to the following options:

  • e-mail
  • Facebook
  • Goolge +
  • MSN
  • VKontakte
  • And the Russian platforms Odnoklassniki, Mail.Ru and Yandey (Badoo is a Russian service)

Badoo loginLogin With these options Badoo

Those who want to retain full control of their data, you should register only with an e-mail address on Badoo. The reason: Badoo example, picks up on the friends list on Facebook to or also to the personal favorites. Although you can create on the social media profiles in no time, only one for a lot of personal information reveals. There is a second reason why it is better to register an e-mail address: Should be eventually deleted the account, this only works via email. For registration via e-mail, the date of birth, sex is only necessary. After you get a confirmation e-mail to the address indicated. may enter into with you Register for logging directly on Badoo.

Badoo loginIf you register via E-mail this must be confirmed by clicking on the link, so you can log on Badoo.

With Facebook & Login Co. Badoo

Who wants to stay on the Russian dating site in conjunction with his friends, can also with Facebook & Co. log on badoo. However, we advise to reiterate them off, although this type of registration brings several advantages. Users who opt for this type of registration can synchronize their Badoo profile directly with their existing data. Similar to Tinder at photos from Facebook can select or add to the personal interests. Has another member logged in with the same social network, you can even display the shared contacts. Privacy is legally questionable that even contacts are displayed that have never registered on Badoo. So if a liierter friend shows up, it does not need a long time to use the portal to search for a fling. Similarly, the principle works! Other social media, in Germany Facebook and Google+ are the most common variants.