Of the ooVoo download provides a freeware for VoIP telephony, supports free video conferencing with up to twelve participants. Filter effects, video messages and YouTube integration raise this communication software from the competition.

make video calls with ooVoo Download

After downloading and installing the function of the camera and microphone can be tested during setup. The application works with a private account offered or login with Facebook account. Friends can now be found in the database or ooVoo invited via e-mail. Contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook is the tool with a few clicks. Video chat, voice calls and text messages between users are free. Messages can also be sent directly to the social networks Facebook and Twitter. When connecting to landline or mobile phone is used up at ooVoo Deposited credit. Practical: Up to six phone calls can be integrated into existing video calls, then appointments can be found more easily, because not all participants have to sit simultaneously on their computers.

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Capture videos with ooVoo

Conveniently, the communication center brings its own recorder that is designed not only for recording video messages. This helper collects transmissions in operation on the hard drive. Even those who prefer to remain anonymous in video chats or simply want to allow a joke, then look no further ooVoo. The Messenger has some effect filters, for example, stick the streamed video a virtual beard or to impose a celebrity’s likeness and thus increase the fun factor of a video conference. Recorded videos can adjust on demand directly to YouTube you – here you should first, however, obtain the consent of his opponent. The popular video platform has been integrated as a feature in Messenger and since the last update YouTube videos can be shared with all participants.

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Messenger and VoIP program with numerous extras

The software has a kind answering machine. If the respective party is currently unavailable, you can get a him Leave a message in voice, text or video form. The versatile client also maintains that calls or chats are one escaped or were executed. In addition, the Messenger during a call to the file exchange can take advantage of the possibility of screen transfer is given. As particularly smart, the so-called Side View Bar turns. This hides while working quietly on the edge of the monitor and settled from there their work. Who is looking for contacts and maintains its own website, where deposited an ooVoo me link. Once clicked, the visitor calls via VoIP with the site operator or adds it to his friends list.