How can the WhatsApp Plus hide online status?

How can the WhatsApp Plus hide online status?

Who earlier his WhatsApp Plus hide online status wanted, had to pay. now disable function for free and secretly go online! Online Status and blue heels – this information is a double-edged sword for users of messengers. As a sender of a message, one would have to know that a message has been received and read. Is the blue hoes, shows the online status, whether they may have been read. For receivers that is not always pleasant. The claim continuous availability is connected to a monitoring function. WhatsApp Plus hide online status This invasion of privacy can be many users do not offer, and want to hide their WhatsApp Plus online status. Fortunately, this is no problem at the popular Messenger clone.

hide the free WhatsApp Plus online status

To hide the online status with WhatsApp Plus, the latest version of the application must be installed. For older versions will not disappear when the last online activity took place. But turning off the real-time online viewing had to be booked a charge of 2.49 euros. Those who want to protect their privacy and completely free of charge on chat partners, should download the new WhatsApp Plus and install.

Hidden go online in a few steps

First, the Messenger opens. After that, the app’s settings need to be called. Depending on the existing setting View online status or Hide is now selected online status. the chat partner can not see now, when you were last seen, even if you’re offline. WhatsApp Plus online status hidden navigation

No check mark without hooks

The original of the Messenger Service concealing some information is also possible. You have off both the online status and the infamous blue hook become. However, not without loss for the covered user. There is considered the “I’ll show you mine, you show me yours” principle. All data that are hidden from the other party, you do not get yourself to face. Cheating does not apply. Only those who reveal his reading behavior, is rewarded with the read notifications of the interlocutor. Not so with the extended version: You can hide online status their own WhatsApp Plus and still see one another are online or have been. The same applies to the read receipt. Even if you turn off the sending of blue hacking, you can see whether its own message has been read. Provided that the other users permitting. WhatsApp Plus is in offline charade one step further and suppressed to request the transmission of the second hacking. This indicates normally if a sent message has arrived. Thus the illusion of a never received message is perfect.