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Arclab Web form generator forms for websites. Without any expertise in this area Click website operators to professional forms from predefined elements together. The shareware contains all the form elements and brings with ready-made templates that the user can directly use or modify.

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Whether contact form, newsletter subscription or individual forms: The Arclab Web Form Generator Download helps newcomers in the creation of the corresponding HTML or PHP code. This includes according to one's requirements to send notifications by e-mail, respectively the evaluation of the Web form. Numerous templates for the various upcoming used buttons such as "send". "Continue" and the like provide visual variety. Using an integrated upload module shareware publishes the templates and the same.

Arclab Web Form Generator Download

Complete control over the form data

A high security is ensured by controlling the form data. The website owner creates the form according to the Arclab Web Form Generator Download and installing directly on your own computer and load it later on his web server to the other sites. In this way, all data remains with the user and the evaluation of form data subject completely of its control.

Support for Joomla and WordPress

Arclab Web Form Generator provides a lot of flexibility when integrating into their own websites. Optionally, the forms themselves created can either integrate completely new or existing web page. The shareware supports integration even with Joomla, WordPress or CMS Typo 3.

Insert checkboxes and Captcha with Arclab Web Form Generator

The web form generator is divided in the program interface into three areas. The central middle section presents the design view or the switchable preview the form. To the right of the form elements are listed. In the left column all form pages, including the success and error page can be seen. The preview shows the form exactly as it is presented on the website in the browser. Designing forms is quite simple. All the important elements such as text fields, check boxes or Captcha are already on board and can be quickly and easily by clicking on the form to insert. The included templates can be imported on request and changed at will. More tools for web designers can be found for free download in our software offering.

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Limitations of Arclab web form generator

The forms created with the trial version does not transmit all entries.

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