Of the LingoPad download brings an interpreter free of charge to your own computer. The directory includes the first two languages ​​German and English. Via an online update, users can download more dictionaries.

LingoPad download as a free translator

Once you enter the first few letters in the search term in the text box, the program in the list to the first matching site and presents the corresponding translations. Each time the user can scroll or use the arrow keys in the list targeted click certain terms.

Targeted search possible with wildcards

By a star sign is placed before the term LingoPad finds word endings. So are, for example, when entering forest of floodplain forest and fir forest to forest and magical forest around 20 terms and their translations on the hit list. If another star at the beginning of the term, the freeware displays all the terms in which the search text appears anywhere. A * forest thus provides, among other things, the hit forested and prothonotary warbler. It can be searched at once even more criteria. Who wants to use language-specific special characters, it can enter from the sign panel in the toolbar.

LingoPad download

load additional LingoPad dictionaries

The current version can be found in different dictionaries use LingoPad. Already on board German-English is in addition to the basic dictionary nor a specialized dictionary English-German about "Whales and dolphins", Other dictionaries the user can request via the online update and install, including the French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Kurdish or Norwegian. Switching between the installed dictionaries via the drop-down menu in the toolbar. The following dictionaries associated with LingoPad available

  • English - German 230,000 words and 670,000 references
  • French - German with about 23,000 words and 31,500 references
  • Italian - German with about 28,000 words and 63,500 references
  • Spanish - German with about 19,000 words and 28,000 references
  • Portuguese - German with about 22,000 words and 36,000 references
  • Dutch - German with about 29,000 words and 53,000 references
  • Chinese - German with about 200,000 keywords and 300,000 references
  • Japanese - German with about 390,000 words and 1,100,000 references
  • Norwegian - German with about 34,000 words and 56,000 references
  • Turkish - German with about 33,000 words and 80,000 references
  • Kurdish - German with about 17,000 words and 35,000 references
  • Esperanto - German with about 96,000 words and 158,000 references
  • Russian - German with about 26,500 words and 37,000 references
  • Thai - German with about 54,000 words and 123,000 references
  • Arabic - English with about 135,000 keywords and 220,000 references
  • Polish - German with about 11,000 words and 17,000 references
  • German - English technical dictionary of terms and definitions for whales and dolphins
  • German - English technical dictionary of terms for the metal-working industry

LingoPad Download Dictionaries

LingoPad go boot from the USB stick

LingoPad can also be launched directly from a USB stick. For this, the complete program directory is simply copied to the stick. The program directory while a file named must be generated readonly.txt. This can be empty because only checks at startup if the file exists. This is to prevent LingoPad stores for use on other computers changed settings in an INI file by the manufacturer. Translate terms also offline When LingoPad Download is a useful, free multilingual dictionary, terms can be translated with the entirely without internet connection. The freeware provides full Unicode support and can handle to the left and with the notation from the right. So can also import Arabic vocabularies example. Own dictionaries can be created fairly straightforward.