FileZilla FTP Server

FileZilla FTP Server

FileZilla FTP Server, which comes just as the same FTP client from the FileZilla project is that borrows heavily from the famous G6 server and provides useful features like a sophisticated rights management.

FileZilla FTP Server Download supports common security standards

Unlike its competitors, the FileZilla Server is free, however. In terms of allocation of rights to FileZilla FTP server does not need to hide from the fee-based competitors. The rights management is based on the user profiles. In addition to the group management supports FileZilla FTP Server, the usual safety standards SSL and TLS.

For admin to FileZilla FTP Server serves as a versatile tool for everyday work. Thanks to a simple installation and user management of FTP helper completely convincing. Some other FTP server for free download includes our software catalog.

FileZilla FTP Server Download