New emoticons with Unicode 8: Unicorn & bubbly

The Unicode Consortium Unicode 8.0 on June 17, 2015 finally new emoticons released. So it will continue next unicorns, give a Nerdface new sports symbols or building as a synagogue or mosque. The ethnic diversity of the small pictures will in future be considerably more colorful and politically correct.

Do not be surprised: The emoticons are on Android and Windows not via WhatApp, Skype & Co available. But they will certainly be the next system update on your phone available. As the individual Messenger then implement the icons concretely, is not yet certain. BTW: If you have not found the right messenger, come here to free download WhatsApp and thus to the current undisputed king of mobile communications.

new emoticons

update 12/02/2015

After all users of the beta version of WhatsApp already robots Nerd & could send Schampusflaschen, it is now so far for all Android users. The new update brings a whole new set of thumbnails to pimp the chat. To download the latest version, including the new emoji can be reached via the link above.

New Emoticons after update

WhatsApp update for Android brings new emoticons

update 28/01/2015

74 new proposals for new emoji: The Unicode Consortium decides expected by June 2016 which ideograms are taken. New emoticons there should be mainly in animals and food. So fox, eagle, duck, bat, shark or owl could be sent over the favored messenger from summer maybe. If you like it hearty, attacks in the future possibly for kebab to his culinary desires to express. The best chance of being sent via WhatsApp and Co. in the future, but have a pregnant lady, a shrugging gentleman or known from Skype ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing) Emoji.

update 12/04/2015

Finally there is the new emoji available for Android! With the long-awaited update unicorn and champagne are also on android. In addition, the update comes with a backup function with which chats, voice recordings or photos can be secured via Google Drive.

update 11/23/2015

The new emoji can be sent via WhatsApp Web. There are on the PC version of the Messengers three new tabs: food, nature and sports. Thus, users can now more quickly find the right image and send it.

update 10/26/2015

After updating to iOS 9.1, the new emoticons on the iPhones are available. Android users, however, will have to wait until the new images hold on the smartphone feeder.

Article of 19.06.2015

Emoticons with Unicode. 8

Those who are curious what new symbols will soon appear on the mobile phone or tablet, find an overview of all new icons here. Total future enrich 37 new emoji, and five Emoji modifiers the Chat and Messenger world. The modifiers for example, ensure that the new emoticons with Unicode 8 are to be sent in different skin colors and so make the conversations via Messenger and smartphone even more colorful. Apple already supported emoticons with Unicode 8, so iPhone users will find for some time the multicultural diversity on your keyboard before publication. contrast, Android users only remains to wait for the next system update.

new emoticons skin color