WhatsApp uninstall and delete account – Instructions

uninstall WhatsApp not enough to remove data from the provider server. For this, the account must be deleted. read here how to do it! Deficiencies in data protection and increased control - since the acquisition by Facebook, the formerly popular Messenger upset more and more users who have installed WhatsApp for iPad, the Android smartphone. Sometimes the anger is so great that you finally want to say goodbye to the app. uninstall WhatsApp

Only delete the account, then uninstall WhatsApp

. Although the application can relatively easily be uninstalled in the smartphone, but that not all data is deleted. The account still remains and is visible to all contacts, even if the app has been removed from the mobile device. The information will remain so long on the servers until the account is deleted. The bad news: "The Internet is forever" also applies to WhatsApp. With the deletion of the account, although the profile of the servers and chat history are removed from the phone, but any old chat history remain for friends still visible, until it appropriate conversations themselves whatsoever. WhatsApp uninstall in the correct order. How this is done is explained here in a few steps. 1&# 46; Step: To clear the WhatsApp account, the application must first be opened. In the app you go to settings and there turn to account. 2&# 46; Step: Here my account have to delete are selected. It appears a page of information on which the final deletion must be confirmed again. Confirm uninstall WhatsApp 3&# 46; Step: The country in which the SIM card is registered, the country code and the phone number must be entered before it goes in the navigation. With this step, the user profile including billing information is removed from the servers. not see friends profile in the group chat. In addition, the delete entire message history from the device. Who does not want to keep this data, you should export the conversations before as email. 4&# 46; Step: If the account is deleted, the app can be permanently removed from the smartphone. Users who installed for iPad or iPhone WhatsApp, touch the application icon until a small x appears at the top left. This can be tapped to remove the application from the iDevice. users of WhatsApp Android perform the following steps: 5&# 46; Step: To uninstall WhatsApp, the settings of the smartphone must be called. Under applications, the Manager will, with the can be managed all the apps of the device. 7&# 46; Step: By clicking on the icon of the Messengers iwird visible, how much space the data transmitted from the Messenger. This includes backups and images that were sent to the service. remove all files delete data with the choices that have something to do with the application. Now the app is banned on Uninstall permanently from the unit. WhatsaApp uninstall Android