The quiz game alls represents the player's general knowledge to the test. In each quiz round, it is important to gather as many correct answers in a short time. A leaderboard in the network and a personal care statistics in the free Win app for Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT for additional game incentives.

Alls Download with 2,600 tricky quiz questions

includes a game at alls each fifteen rounds of questions with questions from ten different categories of knowledge such as politics, sports, history or science. The questionnaire contains over 2,600 entries that were far more than 115 million times called and are constantly expanding the know-alls download via update submissions. The player can even function "Submit question" use it to complete the quiz with your own questions and answers. The manufacturer promises that all the questions submitted are reviewed in detail and then offered as an automatic update.

Alls Download

The following Categories are the know-it-Quiz available. The player has the choice whether they want to get asked questions from a certain knowledge section or a mix of all.

  • Movie & watch TV
  • Foreign Words
  • geography
  • story
  • art & Culture
  • literature
  • music
  • nature
  • Sports
  • Technology and Science

Interesting statistics own general knowledge

Not only the number of correct answers one at alls, the time required to answer the questions flowing into the personal high scores with one. In addition, the free app win seasons with the quiz Statistics showing in which categories you doing particularly good or bad. A global statistics also revealed how well cut his own general knowledge, compared with the global average for all players.

Alls download statistics

Alls provides quiz questions of varying difficulty

The questions have very different levels of difficulty. go easy and difficult questions from itself. So the player can visit the "Sports" launched at the beginning of extremely tricky questions, such as the amount of a basketball basket is attached (3:05 m) or like the Rally World Champion of the year 2004-2012 is (Sébastien Loeb). Of course, simpler questions in the basket, for example, how many players includes a beach volleyball team (2), on how many slices you shoot biathlon per pass (5) or as the famous "Goalkeeper titanium" with real name is (Oliver Kahn).

From the legendary Wembley goal to to the 2014 Winter Olympics

The sports problems affecting Alls Download speak in part to older, more experienced semester, such as those for protecting the legendary Wembley gate (Hurst). Other hand they are also sometimes very timely, like those of the venue for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games (Rio de Janeiro). Who frequently selects the same favorite category, stelt found that the questions would merely repeat pretty quickly. This explains it probably also that some players achieve a hardly achievable from the quiz rookie batting average in the high scores. Many quiz freak will probably know the 2,633 questions by heart. Those looking for more quizzes will find it in our download area.

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