SilverFast DC

With the SilverFast DC Download get professional photographers and ambitious amateur clippers an efficient tool for optimizing the quality of digital images. Thanks profiling cameras, processing of raw data and subsequent image processing software for demanding needs of professionals is perfectly equipped. The DC series was discontinued by the manufacturer LaserSoft Imaging AG. Offered are only different versions of the HDR-series (High Dynamic Range Imaging). With us the free download of the Standard and Pro version is nevertheless still available.

SilverFast DC Download the best possible image quality

Photographers know, the generation of images without loss of quality starts with the correct file format. Only using the RAW format, which is also called the raw file at photos in retrospect can be optimized on the PC. The right tool for this post provides the user with the SilverFast DC. The tool comes with effective functions to edit RAW files and optimize. Furthermore, the user gets the ability to create custom camera profiles.

SilverFast DC Download

Software for image processing on the RAW format

When creating a RAW format no interpolation takes place by processing algorithms directly into the camera. The image is therefore not yet completed, all of the color information of a finished image file are not yet present. Images as RAW are sort of a reflection of the capture by the image sensor data, they are lossless. All parameters such as white balance, color saturation and contrast are not tied to the device with which the image was taken. These components can be subsequently calculated on the PC. The advantage is obvious: If these parameters are made later with a program such as downloading SilverFast DC on the PC, the user has all options open. The values ​​can be adjusted very precisely to achieve optimum image quality. And this is where the present image processing software to assist you.

SilverFast DC Download surface

Professional tools in SilverFast DC Software

How to know it from a variety of other software for image processing, the processing of the images on a large main window to which all tools are attached is done. These include tools removal of annoying red-eye and for controlling white balance for, colors and lighting. In addition, interventions in image granularity in blurring and color noise are with the program, as already mentioned, possible. The user is provided with the necessary means to the side in order to achieve optimum image quality. The Job Manager incidentally steps can be saved. This feature applies when required image processing steps that have been made also on other photos. Additionally, the tool with different camera models is clear.

SilverFast DC Download Management

Easy management of images

Besides the numerous editing features also photos can be managed well in the SilverFast DC. In the so-called light table photos can be easily sorted and selected, edited images can be stored in different projects. In the demo version the images are, however, provided with a watermark. perfect pictures in RAW The download of SilverFast DC is aimed at photographers with high demands. Thanks RAW processing and camera profiling users can produce stunning image quality. Are available for download a beginners and a Pro version available, the standard version many of the features described how the camera profiling missing.

Limitations of SilverFast DC

Watermark in output