Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox

Of the Windows Repair Toolbox Download provides Windows users with a bulging tool box with tools of many third party under a clear interface. Using the system utilities, the user can repair among others Windows, monitor the memory or remove malware.

Windows Repair Toolbox download for the solution of almost all Windows problems

The Windows Repair Toolbox includes all the important tools to create Windows problems quickly and easily from the world. Unlike other tuning suites, the manufacturer does not provide its own system utilities, but rather binds the freeware programs by other authors in their own tool box one. One click and the desired problem-solving tool lands on your own computer. If possible, the tools are thereby integrated as portable versions that do not require installation. All the tools are not loaded on the user’s request.

Windows Repair Toolbox Download

System tools, malware remover and test programs

The Windows Repair Toolbox Download combines the tools in three areas that are accessible via the tab on the top bar: tools malware removal and final test. Various sub are each available For example, to find the following twelve standard tools under Hardware: HWMonitor, HWiNFO, CPU-Z, SSD-Z, Disk Info, GSmartCtrl, Memtest, VMtest, RAMExpert, BATExpert, stress test and ChkFlsh. The section Useful Tools makes its name and includes these 12 useful utilities: Report, Ninite, Unlocker, TreeSize, Nirsoft.PWD, Nirsoft.SYS, SlimDrivers, PatchMyPC, Fast Copy, partman APPCRASH and FarbarSS.

Windows Repair Toolbox with various backup and recovery tools

It continues under Repairs where the following classic repair tools are offered: MicrosFixIt, browsers Clean, WinRepairAIO, NetRepairAIO, Dial-A-Fix, FixWin, Serv.Repair, MBAR, Zoek, FRST, Process Explorer and Autoruns. backup & Recovery has with Aomei, Recuva, Back4Sure, Puran, Driver Backup and TD&PR six quite different working backup and recovery tools to offer. Under the category of Windows, the user has access to, among other chkdsk, regedit and msconfig. Even with the uninstallers a rich selection of tools is represented: AVRemoval, RegSeeker, Geek Uninstaller, Ultra Search, Decrapifier and JavaRa.

Windows Repair Toolbox Download malware

Tests of various Windows standard features

The Windows Repair Toolbox download but takes care not only about repairing and optimizing Windows systems, but also preys on pests of all kinds. Twelve powerful malware cleaner should ensure that no malicious software remains on your own computer. Remove the following tools, among other malware and adware and clean browser and system: TDSS Killer, junkware Removal Tool, AdwCleaner, CCleaner, RogueKiller, ComboFix and Hitman Pro. Quite useful are the tests of various standard functions for Windows. The user can, for example, check or check whether Flash accurately reproduced and if Java is installed his webcam or microphone of the notebook. Various tests conduct while continuing to other Web Sites and Services. Many other system utilities for free download are in our software catalog.

Windows Repair Toolbox Download Test