Delete WhatsApp Images: Adios annoying spam images 2023

Delete WhatsApp Images: Adios annoying spam images

Also no more space because you are constantly bombarded with spam images? We show how meaningless without effort Delete WhatsApp Images can. establish order on the smartphone now!

Who will be filled after the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS from family and friends with photos, memes, etc., now has a memory problem. We show how the files individually – and also bundled throws from the smartphone without much effort.

Delete WhatsApp ImagesDelete WhatsApp pictures – three roads lead to Rome

Delete WhatsApp Pictures: 3 possible ways

Sure, it’s great to have unrestrained back pictures on WhatsApp and Co. and can send along. But as almost everywhere, just has every coin and a back. So it have made some friends in the hobby zuzuspielen their contacts daily images with clever slogans, videos or other memes. A bombardment to which most can really do without. Especially since every time some point the memory is bursting at the seams and you are suddenly faced with the task of creating order and space. We show three options can kick through which trash content easily from your smartphone.

Option 1: spam images ade thanks MagicCleaner

For our favorite way in terms of WhatsApp cleanup campaign an additional tool is necessary, which was launched recently. With the free download of the Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp APK you will in no time at all trash pictures go. The app is currently only available for Android devices, but an iOS version needs to be delivered quickly.

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Delete WhatsApp images MagicCleanerWith WhatsApp MagicCleaner deleting works in a flash

After downloading the app scours the smartphone for images that have landed on WhatsApp on your device. Here, spam images, Memes, screenshots, notes and other unusable images files are tracked. After the scan, the tool displays the number of images found it and sorts them into categories. Clicking now all WhatsApp can delete images that are associated with a group.

The only drawback: There is no guarantee that the app is not yet even caught a private photo. But these are rather isolated cases. The categories look through just before it clears, but is not a huge expense.

Option 2: Delete images one

Another way to delete WhatsApp pictures, is the direct removal of a single file or media in a chat history. This is of course much more complex, but it works without additional tool.

To delete individual images in WhatsApp, you go to the appropriate chat and hold the image down for long. It then selects the appearing trash icon and confirms the demand if the image can be deleted from the smartphone.

individually delete WhatsApp Imagesdelete images individually in chat

It is easier if you want to get rid of all media (images, videos and voice messages) from a chat is:

  • open this purpose the corresponding chat and click the menu.
  • There appear to Choose the media and all contents of the chat.
  • The first image, which is to be deleted, must be tapped and then you can select additional images to remove them for long.
  • Then again demand that the files can be deleted from the smartphone, confirmed ready.
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The path makes sense if you want to clean up just a chat. If there are several, it is too expensive.

Option 3: Delete from the file explorer

The third option, which you can delete WhatsApp images, can be carried out only on Android devices. Also here is an additional tool, namely an Explorer needed such as ES File Explorer download.

After downloading the app, the user proceeds as follows:

  • Within the app the WhatsApp folder is located and opened.
  • There appear six categories, which each contain a particular medium. Under images are the images and example Voice under the audio files.
  • Depending on which media you want to get rid of, you can delete the contents of the folder via click.