Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package

The Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package (TTS package) brings the computer when speaking. The freeware complements the default built into Windows American voice called Sam to a German colleague and a German colleague.

German language edition with Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package download

In terms of accessibility Windows is not always necessarily perfectly equipped from the factory, especially with regard to the speech. For example, some Windows operating systems bring for the integrated voice output only an English voice. But who of English is not powerful, so little can of course start. Say, if you want a German-language voice guidance, must retrofit itself. This is not quite as comfortable - but not a huge complicated task. Because Microsoft is known to provide a variety of Windows programs for upgrading and touching up of your own computer, there is of their own home, a German voice. This can be brought to the PC using the Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package downloads.

Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package download

For example, the Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package is configured

An integrated Windows interface for voice output allows the stocking of these other programs. Thus, the basis for an extension to a German voice is given. The following is to be done for this: Before you can use the TTS package, is another program Microsoft Reader provided. Who is not yet in possession of the tools should first run the Microsoft Reader and install the program. Now you can also download the Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package for free and install it. If both programs set up, the user are now in place of the English voice of Sam two German-speaking voices available, a female and a male. Anyone who has a preference for female voices, Anna configured for those who prefer deeper voices, chooses Stefan.

Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package Download Reader

For this, now only go to the Windows Start menu and open the settings. Click there in the subcategory Control Panel, and finally select the voice input / output.

Windows software to read aloud from German

If the programs are installed and configured a German voice, the user now will benefit from, will no longer have to read for yourself - but to have it read eBooks. Especially for users with significant disabilities or other impairments of the Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package download is a real asset. German voices for Windows Speech Of course, it would be more convenient if Windows would mitliefern the German votes equal. But thanks to the TTS package, the German language is relatively easy on the computer and bring order to be heard. Who can read electronic books to fall asleep like, should pick up the free Microsoft TTS package.