Third barrier: all contacts for all networks!

A Third barrier provides the best protection against subscription traps and rip offs via smartphone. As simple as exorbitant phone bills and unnecessary services can be avoided - more here!

Meanwhile rip-offs on the phone from WAP billing or subscription traps are common. Who, for example, participate in a survey after the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS, receives a monthly fee of useless ringtones or apps instead of an IKEA voucher. But against such scams can you protect yourself in advance!

What is a third-party barrier?

In that event, the third-party service providers who bill their products via the respective telephone company. Actually a very convenient thing, it can be music albums, pay books, games or so everyday things like parking tickets easily via the telephone bill. However, this convenient way of shopping has a major drawback: involuntary bookings of useless subscriptions. Here is enough to click on a banner ad, forwarding a contest or survey and already incurred monthly costs ranging from five euros to significantly more sensitive amounts. A third barrier is currently the only reliable protection against such traps. Through them, the accounting of the phone bill from the outset is prohibited - but then the booking of parking tickets or the purchase of music tracks does not work anymore. Mobile operators need to set up the way free this block, which is fixed since 2012 in § 45d of the Telecommunications Act. It says in the third paragraph:

The subscriber may request from the provider of publicly available mobile services and the provider of the connection to the public mobile radio network, that the identification of his mobile terminal for use and billing a service provided in addition to the link power free of charge the network side is locked.

Some wireless providers charge for it at a lock release processing fees.

Third barrierA third-party lock prevents expensive and unwanted mobile services.

Block third-party: Find it!

Those who want to set up a third-party lock, so you have to contact their phone company. How to proceed exactly should depend on the service provider. For some, a third lock can easily set up online on the website or by downloading the appropriate app even mobile; other suppliers have to contact the customer service. We have compiled the procedure for the most popular providers in our overview:

  • 1&1 cellphone charges in the D network: on the one&1 Control Panel App or the 1&1 Control Panel.
  • 1&1 wireless service plan in the E network: about how to contact the 1&1 Support
  • Ay Yildiz: Sunday 8:00 to 22:00 under the 0177 177 11 35 or by e-mail via the Customer Service Monday: [email protected]
  • Base: after registration under My Account on this website
  • BILDmobil: on the free customer hotline on 2142
  • blue: on the Kontaktforumlar or service numbers 0177 177 11 60 (contracts with maturity) or Tel: 0177 177 11 59 (contracts with no maturity)
  • blauworld: via service hotline for customer questions: 0177 177 11 79
  • Boss Mobile: under the existing customer service: 0800 222 111 22
  • callmobile: under the number 040 34 8585 310
  • congstar: via chat or at this number: 01806 32 44 44
  • crash: using this contact
  • Your mobile: using this contact
  • DeutschlandSIM: using this contact
  • discoPLUS: using this contact
  • discoTEL: using this contact
  • EWE: using this contact
  • Fyve: under the Servicsenummer 01806 54 30 14 or here
  • Klarmobil: the following numbers: 040 34 85 85 300 (contract customers) or 040 34 85 85 305 (prepaid customers)
  • Lebara Mobile: under the number 5588 or by mail to Kunderservice, Lebara Germany Ltd., Zollhof 17, 40221, Dusseldorf
  • LogiTel: under this form or 04321 333 76 00
  • via e-mail to [email protected]
  • maXXim: under the 06181 70 83 020 or here
  • Media Markt: the hotline 040 80 80 10 414, or the contact
  • media saving: under the number 01805 768 040
  • mobilcom-debitel: under the Customer Service 040 555 541 000
  • MTV Mobile: via contact form, email to [email protected] or the number 0177 177 10 13 (contract customers) or 0177 177 11 46 (prepaid customers)
  • NetCologne: 0800 22 22 800 or via contact form
  • o2: via contact form
  • Ortel Mobile: the service number 0177 177 11 38 or by e-mail at [email protected]
  • Otelo: Under the 0172 1243333 or contact
  • Saturn: Via contact
  • Simfinity: under 11145 or via the contact form
  • simply: via under the service hotline 06181 70 83 010 or via contact form
  • Data protection: 0800 38 75 000 or here
  • through contact, by phone on 06181 70 830 30 or by fax to 06181 70 830 99
  • Tele2: [email protected] under the number 0211 4082 4082, by e-mail to [email protected] or e-mail letter to
  • Telekom mobile: About the lock configurator or the speed dial 2202 (from another telephone 0800 33 02 202 or from abroad +49,171,252 2202)
  • Vodafone: About the account with My Vodafone, or as contract customer under the 1212 and as CallYa users among the 229 02 29
  • WhatsApp SIM: under the hotline: 0177 177 11 90
  • WinSIM: through the contact form, under the customer hotline 06181 70 830 94 or via fax to 06181 70 830 63
  • yourfone: through the contact form, under the customer service 06181 70 830 83oder via fax to the number 06181 70 830 63