portal 2

Portal 2 continues the success of the first part. Not an exaggeration to say that the game is captivating, offers top graphics and game atmosphere that is unparalleled. The story is in Portal in the face of funny, but still extremely exciting gaming experience rather minor matter. Equipped with the physics-defying portal gun fight players through the AI ​​opponents GLaDOS. Broadly speaking, is produced with the first shot of a start point, an end point to the second and slips through the portal so produced from A to B. And so that will not get bored, the game makers drive this concept constantly to the tip. So the tasks and puzzles become more complex, thereby promoting blood circulation to the brain cells except for top scores. to want to make a judgment Portal 2 is relatively unnecessary. Who is hooked here again, is guaranteed not soon stop to gamble. A demo version 2 we can not offer unfortunately - if you want daily, however, can test the predecessors and take the impression thus gained just once. 2 For download and play the demo a free Steam account is necessary.