TKexe Designer

TKexe Designer

Of the TKexe designer download was previously named "TKexe calendar" known. The freeware supports users in designing individual calendars, but also creates photo collages and special countdown calendar for Christmas.

create personalized photo calendars with TKexe designer download

Regardless of which design project you choose, TKexe Designer comes with several templates that can be customized to the tastes and needs of the user. This concerns about the division of the calendar in monthly, bi-weekly or annual leaves. In addition, it spices up the overviews with clipart to, own pictures and add a formatted fonts according to his own taste. If you create, one with TKexe designers a Christmas Countdown this quasi per calendar page from the St. Nicholas Day until Christmas Eve the days until the mess.

TKexe designer download

If TKexe designer used as a collage tool to import your own photos and provides this example, with frame and / or gradients, sets texts, or cut away unnecessary image areas. Finally, bringing its work results either directly on paper, stores it as an image file or is a quality printing offered the software in order.

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