BMWi software package

Startups advises the BMWi software package comprehensively on questions regarding a proposed business establishment. The Freeware Guide deals with issues relating to the legal form, finance and industry. A wizard queries the data on the planned business and represents a financial plan. Entrepreneurs no longer have to face the flood of applications and necessary administrative paperwork anxious to build his own company. The BMWi software package provides a wizard that interrogates data for investment, number of employees and company assets in several steps. A glossary explains the technical terms, thus making the odd call to the tax advisor superfluous. As a result, the BWMi software package prepares a complete business plan, the young entrepreneur can submit to the bank. In addition to the re-establishment of the Counselor of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology also addressed the company's control, that tasks and questions that occur after the company was founded. The BWMi software package can provide expert support on the path to independence. Although the theme package does not replace any visit by authorities and the Chamber of Commerce on but it clarifies important questions in advance, making the self-wise-to-be familiar with basic concepts and legal framework. Since the download is free, is recommended founders a look at the software package. Note: The BWMi software package is available both as an ISO image for burning, for example, as tested, as well as a ZIP file for direct execution on Windows in the download area. Also, found a little update that must be installed separately. In addition, that the BWMi software package is no longer available and updated should be noted. Its tasks are handled timely enough, in online form, the entrepreneur portal of the BMWi.