WhatsApp subscription trap: caution here is only conceded!

The WhatsApp rip-off is a popular scam. Constantly attract fraudsters with updates, features or prices - and you're in the WhatsApp subscription trap tapped. make smart here and protect!

That WhatsApp has become the new target shift by fraudsters, not really surprised. Several million users have downloaded WhatsApp for Android or use the client on the iPhone and are thus daily active. Many users is just too many potential victims. In addition, the viral spread via WhatsApp is optimal.

WhatsApp subscription trap

UPDATE: 11/20/2015:

Current WhatsApp subscription trap with animated emoji

The Association of Internet Economy (Eco) is currently warns of a new rip-off with animated emoji. All announcements in this regard are false promises. One should avoid clicking on links, images or buttons, because then grabs the WhatsApp subscription trap to. The upshot: A subscription, which costs 12 euros a week. In the past, emoji have been frequently used as a decoy.

WhatsApp subscription trap animated emojiPHOTO: Screenshot by http://blog.botfrei.de/

UPDATE: 11/17/2015:

Current WhatsApp subscription trap circulating

Currently, a subscription trap circulated a video. It contains the prompt "How long do you think of? (Link) Look at the video. " This case is also available in English in circulation. Therefore, caution - please do not click on the link! Who but clicked is passed to a video in which it says: "99% do not make it to watch this video for more than 15 seconds." Unlocked the video is supposed to only when you send the link to another 10 persons or scattered into three groups. This is followed by forwarding to pornographic sites. Who clicks here on one of the videos fall into the WhatsApp subscription trap. The costs are nothing to sneeze at, as they amount to about 7-12 euros a week.

WhatsApp subscription trap Video

Updated on 10/15/2015

Subscription trap: Migros survey with income opportunity

Currently circulating a new phishing message on WhatsApp. This time, the largest Swiss retailer Migros has been the victim of fraud. attracts the message WhatsApp users with a profit of 500 francs when they take it in a survey. As has been found already, behind it is a phishing action with a company registered in Moldova page.

WhatsApp subscription trap Migros

According to the survey, the user will first pass on the message to 10 people, and then enter their address data. Once that has happened, they are redirected to another page where the phone number is requested. Who does not scroll to the bottom of this page, overlooks the fact that there is a WhatsApp subscription trap. The fraudsters go extremely skillful ago, because the action will affect, among others, using falsified Facebook comments at first glance deceptively real.

Article from 09/01/15

Subscription trap on WhatsApp with animated emoji

After were asked in the past with numerous new features, such as call feature or Minion emoji, and other sought-after innovations traps early September was another rip-off in circulation. This flooded both Facebook and WhatsApp. As "Mimikama", the coordination center to combat Internet abuse reported was users movable Emojis promised.WhatsApp subscription trap animated emojiPHOTO: Screenshot by www.mimikama.at

This is how the animated emoji-trap

The present case, as already fakes before, comes along as spam classic snowball effect. It is spread by friends and acquaintances as a chat message. The message contains a link that must be clicked supposed to unlock the animated emoji. Who has not yet become noisy here, but it should be the next step.The user is directed to a website where it must fulfill conditions now - actually, the next warning signal. The following conditions, the user receives:

  • (1) The profile @mojicracks follow on Instagram

WhatsApp subscription trap claimsPHOTO: Screenshot by www.mimikama.at

  • (2) Send message to 10 friends

If one has now brought even the snow ball rolling, the user is sent to a landing page on which then snaps the WhatsApp subscription trap. There a bid is offered, behind only a subscription is hidden. Therefore: Stay away! For who clicks here, the next few months may resent Surcharges on his phone bills. Usually about 4.99 euros, the subscriptions are monthly.

unmask subscription traps in WhatsApp

If you are not sure about news, whether it is spam, the site should look more closely and pay attention to certain things. Based on this evidence, we can conclude a subscription trap WhatsApp:

  • Includes misspellings
  • Images are pixelated or clumsily cobbled together
  • There is a link
  • Message is from an unknown person
  • Contains big promises
  • Calls for redirects

It should also give pause to one that WhatsApp update rolls out usually only on the Play Store. At least Updates were never sent as a chat message.

What to do if subscription trap has been sprung?

It is annoying when you are tapped into a subscription trap WhatsApp, but still far no doom. The user should not simply accept in any case, that he was ripped off. Instead, one should object to the claim in both the mobile operators and in said third party. In addition, one should reclaim the amount debited from the bank within eight weeks.

Rip off at WhatsApp and prevent Co.

To protect themselves, users have the option of a so-called use third-party lock. You just Instructs its mobile operator that external demands are not run via the telephone bill. The application may be in any form. Doing so prevents all transactions that go beyond the regular bill.