Of the OLfix download fixes annoying errors in the e-mail client from Microsoft. The software helps with defective sections, missing links and redundant duplicates.

improve Outlook with OLfix Download

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular e-mail tools and from most offices hardly imagine. The e-mail client often organized digital correspondence in the private sector. It is especially annoying when the program runs slowly or causes problems. In such cases, the Outlook Fixing program helps and corrects errors in the system. In addition, hidden settings can be changed with the tool.

OLfix download

The software runs on Windows 98, 2000, XP, Server 2008, Vista and Windows 7. It is aimed at the E-mail programs with Outlook 97 by 2010. Some features administrator rights for the used PC needed.

OLfix repaired Profiles

Some startup problems caused by deleted data. The deletion removed in some cases, the file link, but the registry entry of the profile remains. If the e-mail tool restarted, sometimes, it attempts to load the already purged records. Through this system error occurs misrepresentations that can not be changed easily. Similar errors can arise when contact be changed or moved. Was this linked to other elements or services such as the Outlook calendar, created an erroneous data reference. This faulty communication prevented the sharing of information between data elements. The Outlook Fixer uses in problem solving a specific nature of e-mail tools and feel-lost records again. The OLfix Download finds all unreferenced data and allows the final elimination of outdated entries from the e-mail client.

remove duplicates in email tools

Wanted backups ensure that important communications are not lost. However, duplicates arise mostly involuntary, take unnecessary memory space and may lead at worst misguided connections.

OLfix Download duplicates

OLfix find copies of elements even in changed contact information, duplicate emails and multi-scale contacts. The latter are formed partly in name changes of the individual or company. In many cases, the e-mail address is preserved, but still Outlook creates new personal profiles. The auxiliary tool is like all address records for the e-mail address and places links to duplicates of all kinds in the search folder. There, the user can view all duplications found individually and delete the unnecessary items.