DHL shipping helpers

The free DHL shipping assistant determined the necessary postage for letters and parcels and assists in the preparation of the accompanying shipping documents. Much senders, watch out! The shipping calculator brings together some nice features, grab the users of the DHL shipping services under the arms. Parcels with special dimensions or special options knows the Portospezi inside out, and once used addresses associated with a single click in the form completion available - alternatively import user addresses also from a CSV file. provided a corresponding online account, the application is also responsible for creating and managing Onlinepaket- & Stamps - the same becomes henceforth simply printed on the local printer. No idea where the nearest store is? No problem, just enter Portleitzahlund road, the DHL tool is the next open store. Once placed on the path tracked shipments then the built-tracking - again it needs this just a click. The DHL Shipping helper can nothing the DHL website could not - but we here saves unnecessary delays while surfing the web. For frequent users of the DHL shipping clear Download tip. To install the latest version Adobe Air is required. A thoroughly modernized version of Windows 8 is here: Post mobile Windows 8 app