Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades merges elements of Minecraft with those of the online shooter Team Fortress 2. The purchase game on Steam go pixels warrior not only with machine gun and hand grenades at each other going, but also build their own fortifications with the flexible building blocks of the virtual world. The game world of Ace of Spades reminded strangely of Minecraft. All items are made up of pixels grobklotzigen together. As with other online shooters you first log in to a game server and exits at one of two teams. Up to 32 players simultaneously compete for online battles against each other. As weapons alongside rifle, machine gun and shotgun are hand grenades to choose from. In addition to shooting orgies in the style of a real person shooter to building an important role to play Ace of Spades. Each player can armed with spades to dig trenches and put other buildings such as castles or defensive lines in the virtual world. As game modes Ace of Spades offers the classic Capture the Flag and Territory Control. Ace of Spades comes up with varied maps and an innovative shooter gameplay for. Since the grobklötizge graphics still running very smoothly even on underpowered PCs, the game does not just gaming PCs fun.