Of the 8GadgetPack download provides the interface of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 with an informative and send sidebar. This includes on demand, among other things, a clock, a calendar, a display of the current CPU usage and a currency converter.

The 8GadgetPack Download brings back the popular widgets

Windows 8 does not widgets and gadgets even a sidebar on the desktop front. If you miss the familiar Vista and Windows 7 elements, it can be retrofitted quickly and easily with the 8GadgetPack. The following gadgets are in 8GadgetPack on board: 7 Sidebar, App Launcher, All CPU Meter, Agenda, Currency meters, Custom Calendar, Currency, Calendar, CPU Meter, Clip boarders, Control System, Chameleon Weather, Clock, Drives meters, desktop feed reader Drive info, Drives monitor, DigiClock, Feed Headlines, FlipClock, Glassy CPU monitor, Gmail, Glass Calendar, Glassy Network monitor, GPU meter, HUD Time, Hermes (RSS reader), Launch Control, My Weather, mini radio, multimeter, Network monitor II, Network meter, Picture Puzzle, POP3 mail checker and power status, Recycle Bin, Reminder (thought-By this) Remove Drive Safely, stock yards, Slideshow, Sticky Notes online, shutdown Restart, system monitor II, Top Five, Top Process monitor, Unit Converter, Volume Control, Weather meter, Weather, Windows Live Calendar gadget, Weather Center, YouTube viewer searchall gadget tweetz.

8GadgetPack download

Get gadgets and sidebar on the Windows 8 desktop

The 8GadgetPack brings the familiar and popular Vista and Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets on the Windows 8 screen. The freeware is easily installed and provides a lot of choice in desktop applications. In addition to widgets, the sidebar can be accommodate 10 desktop on the Windows 8 and Windows.