easy Whiteboard

easy Whiteboard

Of the easy Whiteboard Download transforms the Windows desktop into a digital blackboard on which to write, sketch heart’s content, and can draw. this is very useful for example in presentations to lift the mouse or digital pen individual areas and passages out or mark.

use the desktop with the easy Whiteboard Download as canvas

easy Whiteboard freezes the contents of the screen temporarily, and produces a mouse click a screenshot of it. In this the user now processes any screen areas. It can, among other things emphasize statements or to highlight passages of text with curls. However, the Presentation Wizard not only limited to highlights, but also allows written explanations.

draw and write directly on the screen content

As outlined in a real meeting, draws and writes the speaker directly to the respective shown screen images. The pages described in this way can be saved and printed at any time. After the easy Whiteboard downloading and installing the software as a compressed view, first appears in a small, green window. Then the drawing of an eye and the film button is only to be seen. By clicking on it’s own Windows desktop symbolically covered with a clear foil and frozen. In addition, an extensive toolbar opens.

easy whiteboard with pen, eraser, arrow and text box

The top button is now entitled screenshot. Clicking on it saves the current state of the changes on an ongoing basis. At the top of the tool plate can be seen with crayon, eraser, arrow and text box the basic tools. Among these are the two symbols rectangle and ellipse, which are placed either as a frame or filled in the digital drawing board. The pen width, the user can also select. Here are strengths in the four variants 3 px, 7px, 11 px and 17 px at hand. Who wants to draw exact circles, squares, vertical and horizontal arrows, click on the respective icon and hold down the Shift key while moving the mouse.

easy Whiteboard Download

Digital highlighter with transparent colors

It continues with the colors. Who clicks on D, receives opaque colors and with T takes the user to a digital highlighter with transparent colors. In addition to the standard red, green, blue, yellow, black and white, individual colors when painting and drawing can be used.

easy Whiteboard provided on request a white canvas

By clicking on the small icon with the white sheet, the user gets a completely white desktop on which can of course draw particularly comfortable. Other functions are used to make the recent actions to save and print images to clear your changes and exit the program.